Why then did the following citycentre companies shut their doors in Bathtub in 2011? Several nationwide and local retailers are likely close their doors to Bathtub in 2013 and to follow suit. If Bathtub is suffering envision the despair of independent stores in other towns and metropolis's where they don't get the 4Million visitors each year and/ or where its shopping catchment's discretionary income is under average. What can be completed? Listed below are some of my ideas. Retail Merchants have to seek out and quickly implement innovative methods of trading. At least 6 new efficiency, cost saving, profit creating thoughts must be implemented annually. 2) The common public has to support local companies independents day is a start and wherever they can! 3) Landlords must share the pain with their renters and take some of the hit on their home revenue and evaluations. This demands open and transparent dialogue between occupiers and landlords. 4) Independent retailers work collectively to identify their customers and sell their Taunton Business Directory to them and have to pool resources. 5) Retailers should review all supplier prices before every purchase to ensure they stay competitive. 1) Authorities has to level the playing field for independent merchants. 7) Retailers and their staff have to be with every customer at the very top of their game each and every day. 8) Retailers need to review their business plans at least once a quarter to see if their somerset business remains feasible and be savage if it will not. 9) Retailers must undertake an evaluation of each of their property occupancy costs at least once a quarter. The experience and knowledge obtained from acting for funds that are institutional, national and regional house businesses for all property types, in running and the development of service charges, gives him valuable insight into present landlord practices.