<br>we suppose I should set the scene and explain a few things. I&#39;ve been fortunate enough to have a FWB who really enjoys pleasing me. I&#39;m a decade older than her and it makes no distinction in anything that we agree to do together, it in fact adds rather an interesting distinction of view points. She looks to me for guidance, intimate knowledge, self-confidence building, and most importantly a genuine friendship. we enjoy her as much as possible, and offering her with pleasure whenever feasible. We recently found that we fall into the dom/sub aspect and frequently find ourselves testing each other, creating situations where one of us will lose a bet and the winner then assigns a punishment, which is constantly fun and safe. A few days ago she found herself with a discipline being awarded to her&#8230; Information Technology had been to deliver her butt plug to work, and place it for the drive house. Just before making the office, she eliminates her bra, so that we may play with her breasts on the means home and recently to expose her to random individuals in purchase to offer her that afraid feeling of being caught that she desires so badly; all the whilst being incredibly careful, wearing sun glasses and positioning the vehicle visors to block our faces. This has been loads of enjoyable for both of us. As we left the office, the shared looks started. The non-words beaming between us of &quot;want to play??&quot; answering I reached over to unbutton her top, caressing her breast and pinching her nipple. They react therefore quickly and get therefore difficult therefore fast! She placed herself to make it easier for me to start her shirt for the mutual need to expose her breasts to strangers; who could be fortunate sufficient to have a peek into the car as we drove by and see a breast or two topped with sexy nipples! We did this through some busy areas where we assumed would have loads of people walking down the road&#8230; We were wrong&#8230; We couldn&#39;t believe it and were both a bit dissatisfied. At this point here no chance of being seen, she revealed a lot of interest in going straight down on me. I unzipped my pants, giving the lady full access to what she desired. She leaned more than, top still open, and took me personally into her lips along with her cool fingers cupping my balls. The combination of hot and cold was amazing. She gets a kick of getting me personally to the point of orgasm and denying information technology. Keeping me personally on the side for as long as she can or so long as the drive is. She&#39;s become therefore good at it and gets these types of pleasure from knowing how much she excites me and in a method, regains some control by doing this. we reached over to caress her ass and believed the base of her butt plug. Imagine the excitement of being sucked and feel such a toy at the same time. As she took me in her mouth as deep as she could, we pressed against her model somewhat, providing pressure on her ass that she&#39;s experiencing for the very first time. I asked her if the playing that I was doing was alright, and she nodded with me personally in her mouth. She teases me personally so &#8230;. taking my head in and out quickly, then slowly, then unbelievably softly, and then nibbles causing me to jitter with pleasure and at the point where we just can&#39;t handle it any more, she causes her head straight down on me deeply, my balls against her chin, throbbing so difficult between her teeth with my, and resting my shaft on her tongue. She stops whenever she hears my breath warn the woman that I&#39;m nearly orgasm and releases me; then period restarts. It&#39;s amazing once you accept the enjoyable denial for durability of fun. On the last stretch of the drive house, we couldn&#39;t handle information technology any more. I asked her to unbutton her jeans, providing me personally access to her plug. we took hold of the toy and began to include pressure to her ass lightly until she arched her back, and forced back against the pressure that we had been supplying. At this point we knew she desired more than I was offering, as well as in turn, we started to pull the plug out and then push it back in. I did this gradually and any when in a whilst because it went back in, I pressed against her harder than the last time. She kept pressing right back, wanting more, drawing more vigorously while pulling my balls away from my shaft soaked by her mouth. we drove around some neighborhood for almost an hour, frustrated that we couldn&#39;t get a better hold of the model I stopped the vehicle and took a better grasp of the toy. we thought to myself, &quot;You&#39;re in for it now.&quot; She increased her fury on my cock, I took it as instruction to work her ass. With enjoyment, we did. As that jelly plug entered and left her ass, she began to groan. I increased the price of thrusts and she moaned more, informing me that she was close to orgasm. I then utilized that toy as if it had been me up behind her, quickly filling her opening and making her rectum feel the stretch as it came out of her body and then plunged deep into her ass once more. She took me out of her mouth and rested her head in my lap with her hands on my feet and moaned in absolute orgasm as her asshole repeatedly clenched and released the plug until her orgasm ceased a couple of moments later on. The sounds that left her had been raw feeling and made me feel so amazing. When she recovered from her very first anal play induced orgasm, she seemed at me personally in disbelief and appreciation. She leaned over to kiss me, I met the girl and we shared an incredibly passionate kiss. we was so impressed that she had come anally, afterward she was therefore bashful and nervous about this. She appeared overwhelmed and immediately went back to sucking me. This 40 moment vehicle ride home, switched into one of the most amazing hour and a half trips house. As we arrived at her house, she gave me an appearance which incited me asking her, &quot;What&#39;s up?&quot; or one thing along those lines, and she responded with, &quot;we want your cum.&quot; &amp;#@&amp;! Are you currently kidding me! At the gate to the woman house, she tells me this?! We laughed about it and agreed that the drive tomorrow would include covering the woman tongue with the cum that she craves. I cannot wait. I&#39;m nonetheless in awe about the woman orgasm and cannot wait till the next time that we get to play with that toy once more. Just a heads up &#8230; she&#39;ll be posting her side of the story tomorrow sometime. I&#39;ll it once she&#39;s published. Thanks for listening or rather being here for me! I needed an outlet with this and thought there was no better destination than here. hagerdy <br>

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