<br>* role 3* With the loss of Kerry still heavy in my brain, Dawn took me down to Old Faithful to have a look at the little cabin we would be staying in for the next couple of months. The place had been nondescript tucked between a little grove of trees. Information technology was one of twelve twin structures used for employee quarters. Information technology wasn&#39;t more than a living room/dining room with four adjoining bedrooms and a community bathroom all the size of mobile home cut in half. The furnishings, consisting of a floral couch, table and seats, was sparse and rustic. The beds were nothing more than small cots. This had been were Dawn, Stan, Natalie and I made our house for the next three months. Well, at least Dawn, Stan and I also made information technology all three months. Natalie left after one, whenever the snow was so large we had invest twenty minutes bundling up, strapping on some snow footwear to get to work only to unbundle. If you don&#39;t like the snowfall, Old Faithful can be extremely miserable. It seemed that all we did was work, eat and sleep. There was no television, no computers as well as the only phone was a pay phone at the hotel. Dawn and Stan had a thing at some point before Natalie left. Information technology lasted all of two days of loud, space shaking sex. However, Stan was kind of a jerk and flirted with everything that had jugs and Natalie had a solid rack. Stan&#39;s chauvinist perseverance together with the constant snowfall may have lead up to Natalie leaving. I couldn&#39;t be certain, but she left and Stan and Dawn had this love hate relationship afterwords. Fortunately for united states there had been lots of alcohol kept in stock throughout the period. I&#39;m sure half our pay checks were invested on that cloud covered liquid silver. Information technology was our only source of entertainment and we spent hours thinking up fun and interesting methods for forgetting the outside globe in our inebriation. It also kept Dawn and Stan pleasantly content with one another. All this drinking resulted in my one and only threesome. A devil&#39;s threesome. Today the sexual tension was constantly palpable between Dawn and Stan after a few beverages. Hell, there had been stress between Dawn and me. we had to spend much of my time fighting to help keep those two from killing on their own screwing as well as the other half keeping my hands to myself. There were nights, after some hefty drinking that Dawn will be sprawled off between Stan and me. Her head on one of our laps, her legs across the other people. For one reason or another we would stumble to our spaces to pass away, absolutely nothing ever progressing further than that. By the end of December we was very home sick and was thinking that if I didn&#39;t get off soon I would become some drinking alcoholic. we made the decision that my last time will be the Christmas and made all the proper plans. Dawn and Stan made a huge production about my last night, saying it was going to be the component of the century. Well, as constantly information technology was simply the three of us, but which was more than sufficient. They had become my best buddies. After work, the games began. My favorite drink game was a card game known as queens. Needless to say this quickly matured into strip pokers, but stopped when Dawn had us straight down out of our boxers and she nonetheless had the woman panties and shirt on. Strip poker is not all that enjoyable whenever the woman is the only one left dressed. Again, we ended up on the sofa, Dawn&#39;s mind on Stan&#39;s lap, her ass propped up looking me personally in the face. Yeah, I couldn&#39;t help but touch it. Slap information technology actually. She enjoyed getting spanked and laughed at every slap we provided the girl. Stan did his component by keeping her down, maintaining her from squirming too a lot. Now Dawn had on those bikini panties with lacy flowery mesh that covered too much of her soft ass cheeks for me to be in a position to give her a solid spanking. we wasn&#39;t feeling strong sufficient to pull the panties down, so I just bundled them up to the side and pulled them up the woman ass break. Then once warm up her tender flesh with my hand, I slapped her bare ass. There was a solid, resounding noise from the smack followed by Dawn&#39;s own gasp of shock. She wiggled and jerked against Stan. Really soon I had both her ass checks blushing red as my cock throbbed solid poking her tender belly. After just what must have been her tenth spanking, I was aware that her gasps had been suddenly muffled and wet. Stan had been laid back, his eyes shut and to my astonishment, she had his cock in her mouth. Wholly crap, she had been sucking him all the method down to his balls. He took hold of her head and held her to his cock, pushing her head more down, almost rubbing her nose in his pubic black locks. Experiencing out of the blue unwanted, we stopped exactly what I was doing, tying to believe away my escape plan, when she grabbed hold of my cock. She maneuvered to the woman knees, nonetheless grasping my cock and sucking deftly at Ryan next to me. I had been conscience of Stan, but concentrated on keeping my eyes securely on Dawn at all times. On her knees between us, we pulled her panties down pushed a finger inside her really damp pussy. we utilized the method I had mastered with Kerry, looking for that bit of spongy flesh positioned at the top front side of the vagina while massaging at her clitoris with my thumb. Dawn was different than Kerry in every means and that included the woman pussy and just what she liked. Between a slobbery breath while sucking on Stan, &quot;Don&#39;t push there or you&#39;ll make me pee.&quot; So I wet to something different. One thing much more strong. With two hands, one concentrating on her clit, the other fingering her pussy as deep as you possibly can, we got her groaning on Stan&#39;s dick like a rabid pit bull bitch in temperature. She cam within moments, leaving her panting to the side stroking Stan with her hand. &quot;My jeans,&quot; she breathed back at me. &quot;Get that condom and come screw me!&quot; She ordered. No need to inform me personally two times. She flopped to the floor in front of Stan as we pulled the condom on. Kneeling behind her ass I forced into her vagina gradually, her mind bobbing at the other end. I thrusted ahead forcefully. Dawn let away a slobbery gasp. As we backed out, her mind dropped, enveloping Stan again. Don&#39;t start picturing a giant Christmas time tree in the back ground as we&#39;re roasting Dawn like chestnuts above the fire location. No, the rangers didn&#39;t trust us enough for any of that. No tree and a room heater to provide heat for the cold evenings had been all we got. an image of a Xmas tree and a few strings of lights were our only designs. It took just a couple of moments of the before Dawn started chocking as Stan cam in her lips with a series of grunts while hold to the edges of her head. Dawn slapped at him saying he had been an asshole, but none of this slowed down my speed. With Stan out of the picture, I put more weight into each thrust. Dawn arched back the woman ass in atmosphere, pressing at my every forward plunge. We slapped together with a damp smack. She told me to fuck her harder. &quot;No!&quot; She demanded still. &quot;Harder!&quot; As we cam, we was pushing and pulling at her waistline, jamming my cock deep inside of her. She had been gasping, biting down at her wrist as we both spasmed. I believed myself filling the condom with bolts of seaman as Dawn&#39;s juices dripped down our legs. We collapsed into a semi naked hep. Stan was clapping with a satisfied grin on his face as if he a been apart of some great accomplishment. Of course he had to make a misplaced about how slutty Dawn was. we can&#39;t remember exactly what he said but Dawn sat forward with an appearance of shock. we do recall him saying, &quot;Damn, the only method that could have been better would if Natalie was still around. I would have fucked her genuine great and tough. I bet that would have made you genuine wet, wouldn&#39;t it?&quot; I could never ever realize why men like Stan couldn&#39;t leave it well enough alone. If there had been a switch to push Stan had to mash down on it like a four year old in an elevator, although he knew exactly how Dawn would react. She stomped down slamming her home. Which was the final time we saw Dawn. Another time she wouldn&#39;t solution as we was leaving. I left her a note saying that I would miss out on her and cherished the time was had together. we left my number, address and an available invite for her to visit Houston anytime she wanted. we shook Stan&#39;s hand as I climbed into the snow cat that would take me out from the park. My last idea as the pet bucked down the snowfall covered road was exactly what would my life have been like if we had picked Dawn over Kerry. Had been I more of an issue to Dawn than Stan could have ever been? How did she truly feel about me personally? Was she dating the other men to make me jealous? We never ever chatted about us connection wise. I simply assumed we would constantly be close buddies. If I knew that would have been the last time I&#39;d see Dawn I would have busted her home in to be certain everything was fine. Heck, perhaps we would have done just that and told the lady that she had been crucial to me. I pray that she's doing well, safe and happy. The relationship we had with Dawn had been extremely important and lasting. Jrbeer944 <br>