The average man exercising for health and fitness does not have to head to the extremes of a specialist bodybuilder, but they, and we, are going to use exactly the same principle. We shall train each muscle from several different angles. Here's how…

Kept in your house and they take up hardly any space and will usually be there for those fat burning routines you'd need to skip otherwise. The correct work out averages out to about 15-20 minutes… but if you need to drive to and in the gym, this fat burning work out will end up challenging that you stick to in your everyday routine.

Another benefit of working out with a Cardiff fitness trainer is that having exercise equipment is not mandatory. But if you choose it, be sure to have a stability ball, powerblock dumbbells, resistance bands and a mat. These are points that can be compactly stored away when you've completed your routine.

Quite little space requirements. One concern I hear a lot is that setting up a home gym will take up too much space. This is another reason I advocate the bowflex selecttech 552 Dumb-Bells. They literally can easily fit in a corner of an area and since dumbbells enable you to do every exercise you don't need anything else.

Another disadvantage is the dearth of move. If you like to move about when you're working out then you should not contemplate buying dumbbells. You'll be able to use them in short bursts, but to get the full effect of dumbbells you should use them for a great period of time during a workout.

An adjustable dumbbell set has to be able to switch weight settings swiftly. If putting down a routine dumbbell set and picking up another set is quicker, the weight transfer is too slow. If standard dumbbells are swifter than an adjustable dumbbell set, which is terrible. Why have dumbells if they're slower? Various business organizations use diverse ways to adjust weights on adjustable dumbbells. From dials (Bowflex) to pivots (Powerblocks), adjustable dumbbell sets have a number of weight shifting mechanisms.

After several sets, increase the weight of the dumb bells to enhance the level of challenge. Consistency and progression is vital in raising your level of fitness. The body will adjust to new needs when you raise the variety of repititions and the process of the work out.