<br>we was 23 living in Nyc and my roomie had some friends see. It was his buddy whom shall be known as Puerto Rico his gf and her friend. They had been loitering around my apartment for a few days but I hadn&#39;t paid them much interest since my cousin had been going to. The day before they had been due to leave. We finally hung out and it began down with some cigarette smoking a Iittle alcohol and a game of never have actually I ever. If your not familiar with the game you say something which you&#39;ve never done and if anyone has they take a beverage. At this point we was extremely happy that my cousin had passed away and was resting in my space before this game turned sexual. My favorite never have actually I ever of the evening had been whenever this guy&#39;s gf this hot little Filipino girl said she had never seen the lady vagina. Information technology hadn&#39;t previously occurred to me that this was one thing girls didn&#39;t do, we&#39;ll some girls. But that was quickly corrected as she went to the bathroom to provide information technology an appropriate looking at. Every concern brought off a new and much more interesting aspect of women that were apparently just wholesome on the surface. It&#39;s great meeting kindred spirits. If you have any queries with regards to where and how to use older women pictures, you can make contact with us at our own webpage. When the stress in the room had built up my roommate brings out a deck of cards as well as the gathering moved to his bed room. We were playing strip black colored jack cause I was the only individual who knew exactly how to play poker as well as the girls assumed I would cheat. I discovered not to trust a horny Dominican with quick fingers to deal. The girls were losing steadily although not exclusively we had evidently become the sacrificial lamb and had been losing at the exact same rate as the women. While my roommate and his buddy were still marginally dressed. Information technology was at this point that I had recognized my roomie dealing from the bottom of the deck whenever information technology arrived to him and his friend. we might of reported nevertheless the women were still losing more than me personally as well as the view kept getting much better. Skip petite Filipino was gorgeous long hair tiny perky breast and a caramel completion that&#39;s looked delicious her friend was thicker with the largest natural breast I had ever seen, blonde locks and clear blue eyes. Once they lost their bras they planned with and arm covering their breast, whenever the blonde lost her panties she evidently lost her modesty as well cause she stopped covering. The filipino grabbed a pillow before she shimmied out of the woman panties. we wasn&#39;t long before i was in the same predicament, my boxers gone and my erection tucked between my feet seeking to keep information technology out of sight. Today I understand how the girls thought when I was ogling them, cause in their turn neither was being timid about trying to get a look around my leg. Whenever the rest of the celebration was out of clothing the game turned dares. They started of innocent enough, naked bouncing jakes, a kiss, ass spank. Well that was until we won a hand and by won I mean my roomie cheated and I also ended up with a queen and ace. I in change dared the Filipino to let her boyfriend eat her out and her blond friend to give me a titjob. Needless to say the game ended their the Filipino ended up blowing her boyfriend and my roommate while the blonde made my dick disappear between her breast. Drawing on it every time I peaked away from the top. After getting my first ever and only double blowjob, simply as awesome as it appears on porn, I bent her over and started offer her this long deep strokes. Pulling off to the tip and ramming information technology til we slammed against her. She had been already dripping damp and I also felt little splashes whenever ever I buried myself once again. Searching over and seeing that sweet small Filipino woman switched into a Chinese finger trap was epic. Puerto Rico was giving it to her long and slow as she was sucking on my roommate the Dominican. The blonde joined in and I got to watch the two them take turns sucking on him while he played along with their locks or massaged their breast. Information technology was at this point that we , the guys, place our arms around each other people shoulders and admired the miracle that was occurring. The girls alternating between kissing each other and sucking on my roommate&#39;s dick and having by themselves filled from the back. I look over and see him Puerto Rico initiate thrusting faster quiver and tumble over after than I thought possible my roomie comes around and buries himself in filipino. The blond lays on her chest arches her back and starts to rock back in to me and starts doing something that no aside from my wife today has ever done, her vagina Bagan to squeeze me but information technology was more like pulsating. Trying clapping one handed because fast as you can and that type of how it believed. All this time getting wetter and wetter, to where my balls were dripping with her. It wasn&#39;t until her respiration slowed down and the rocking stopped and the pulsating magical vagina calmed that I recognized that she orgasmed. we had stopped paying attention to the spectacle next to until I heard my roommate grunt and I also assume cum cause he fell back smiling. we wasn&#39;t going to miss out on away on my opportunity I pulled out dripping and slide into filipino. She had been tight and even hind sight that seems like an under declaration. I&#39;m 8 inches in duration and 5 in circumference and i believed her stiffen as I buried myself in her. She was marginally uncomfortable but in a awesome type of means. I pumped in with these short deep quick thrusts, cause I liked the sounds she made whenever I hit the girl cervix. I wasn&#39;t thrusting for very long after exerting myself with blonde and feeling her orgasm we was already on near my restriction. Fucking filipino was like a rough hand task and after a few mins we got to cum while baried in the lady and kissing the blonde. The entire thing is nevertheless a fond memory, the actual discussion exchanged that night is blurry but every act that I was a part of is crystal clear when I look right back at information technology. It was pretty cause we were all cuddled up together afterwards. Falling asleep together, luck Dominican had a large bed. Blonde had very comfortable pillows. we want we could of gotten to understand them better but by the time I got house from work the next time they had already left. This took spot 7 possibly 8 many years right back and is probably the many adventurous thing I&#39;ve ever done. If you like the story I have other people. Be kind this might be my first time publishing and i haven&#39;t stopped to check my spelling or sentence structure. mkgray0013 <br>