In this interview, Jonah Story ( talks with Jay Dingman (Barley Mow Brewing Company) about the social media party which Songbird Agency threw at Jay's new brewery, located in Largo Florida. Songbird Agency helped connect Jay with an excellent musician and in conjunction with this night, threw a social media party at Barley Mow Brewery to give further exposure and show how social media grows business. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and event promotion were all part of this night.

url> 640,360Goal: Help our new local and new favorite craft brewery harness the power of social media to fill their seats with patrons who can then experience their beer & awesome venue! And do it all on a shoestring budget. Cost: (less than $500) *Hire really great band ($300) *Trip to Kinkos ($75) *Raffle tickes ($25) *$1 off beer promo for „Mow Beer Please“ ($100) *Raffle items (donated) *Super awesome Agency to help (donated) *Passion (on tap!) Plan & Execute: Hold several strategy thrash sessions with Songbird, come up with friggin awesome ideas, and then provide clear goal objectives to the team so the big day runs smoothly. Here are the ideas we came up with, planned and executed. Top 10 ideas in no specific order: 1. Setup/improve social mediums for Barley Mow to maximize engagement (Facebook check in, Twitter, Foursquare, etc…) 2. Photographer scheduled to float and document all events of the night. The images to be used to create a Facebook album to create a tagging frenzy bringing attention to the brewery & hashtag, develop the social brand culture of Barley Mow & be used for future promos. 3. Videographer scheduled to collect testimonials throughout the entire night so we can upload to Facebook and Youtube following the event. Additionally to create a video interview with the owner and become a video marketing piece for local exposure. 4. Create hashtag #mowbeer for Barley Mow's future use and also to combine with the raffle. 5. Create phrase „Mow beer please“ to be said at the bar for a $1 off each beer ($100 donated by Songbird) to bring exposure to the hashtag 6. Create a super fun raffle to incentivize people to use their Social Media in order to win raffle tickets. Collect raffle items from local merchants who offer cool prizes. For example, every time someone uses the hashtag #mowbeer they get a raffle ticket, or post on Facebook they get a ticket, or check into Foursquare they get a… ticket! 7. Invite foodie bloggers, tweet local officials, get social media fanatics, tell beer & music fans, and loyal locals! 8. Post the social media print collateral throughout the venue to educate the audience and make it easy to join in. 9. Recruit a really good local musician with a strong following. 10. Have a few people floating the venue and make sure everyone is having a blast! Highlighted Successes: (Measure everything) 1. The owner said it exceeded his expectations and they made money! 2. We gave out 100+ raffle tickets to people who tweeted, posted, checked in, evangelized! 3. We collected 20+ photos of people touting #MowBeer signs and created an awesome Facebook album for people to be tagged from. Many people commented, tagged, shared, etc… 4. We collected multiple video testimonials from happy and excited people singing the brewery's praises. 5. The hashtag was tweated by several people before, during and after the event; including some craft beer thought organizations in Tampa and Florida at large. 6. The local Largo Commissioner came out because he saw a tweet about the event! Always good to have him on your side! 7. Spent all $100 from people saying „Mow Beer Please“ - it was a big hit. 8. A popular food blogger covered the event and wrote a post about it afterwards. 9. The band rocked and another popular musician who attended decided to play a surprise song for everyone. 10. To this day people still talk about that night, the owners are full fledged social media evangelists, the venue as over 4000 Facebook check in's, and the craft is pouring more beer now than ever before! About Songbird Agency: Songbird Agency is a multidisciplinary agency focused on the art of combining brand identity with visual, interactive and physical communications to create a seamless client experience.