This story happened a couple of many years ago but have been meaning to get on here to post these as I have been an active audience for some time. My girlfriend, Jenny, and I had been dating for a couple of many years and been experimenting a lot lately as most couples do. She was fairly innocent whenever I initially started dating the woman but after a few buying trips to the local sex shop, a rabbit, pocket rocket and hitachi magic wand later on, she had become quite the nymph. I am 6'2, in great shape (previous college soccer player) and also have an above average size cock with quality girth and she had been also in great shape, tan, blonde locks with great B's and a wonderful ass, and pretty short since that's how we like them. We use to fuck for hours and call it our sex marathons. Her favorite position had been when we would place her legs over my shoulders and slowly alleviate my dick passed her lips until I reached her wall. we can keep in mind how she use to moan in my ear as I would whisper to the woman asking if she wanted me to go deeper. As we grew as a few our desires began to grow since well. We began by inviting her buddies into the bedroom (another tale) and which was fun but we wanted more. We decided to post an ad on Craigslist and see where it took united states. The responses were overwhelming, mostly dead ends (aka guys posting as couples) until another couple close to our age delivered us a message. They had been perfect. John was a tall Italian man in great shape and Cat was a olive skinned brunette with an amazing human body with Ds. we use to think we was an ass guy until we met Cat. Jenny and I also did not live together at the time so we decided to satisfy at Cat and John's home. We picked a weeknight to go over and drove over to their house just outside of downtown. We pulled up to their home and seemed at one another to make certain we had been in fact going to do this. We nodded and hopped out from the automobile to their front home. We were greeted by Cat and her amazing human body with John gradually coming up from behind to give united states greetings. They ushered us in and gave us a trip of their home. We we're surprised to fulfill their roomie, can't remember her name, as we made small chit talk with her. She provided us a devilish appearance appropriate before she left, permitting us understand she had been mindful who will be sucking/fucking whom tonight. Once their roomie left we headed upstairs into their movie lounge location simply outside their bed room home, where they've a giant leather-based L couch. Their door was open as we peaked in to see the king size bed. We must have only been on the couches for a matter of minutes kissing our significant other people before Cat requested, “Do you men want to head to the bedroom today?” Jenny responded, “Absolutely!” and took Cat’s hand as they entered the bedroom. John and I followed behind as Cat and Jenny started to kiss at the foot of the bed. Jenny had never been this aggressive as she had been with her buddies but she had been vigorously kissing Cat as she ran her fingers all over her human body. They quickly broke down and Jenny arrived to me as we started to kiss with the same enthusiasm she provided Cat. We both soon got onto the bed and began to undress. I looked over at Cat as she slowly got on top of John and eased him into her, he had a decent size dick, rather average but seemed like it did the job. Cat was a pure beauty and looked so elegant even whenever she was riding John’s dick. I turned my interest right back to Jenny, since her juices had been flowing as she eased my dick inside of her therefore effortlessly. She began fucking me therefore much more difficult than usual and had been bucking in a matter of minutes. we seemed over as Cat did not take a lot longer to shudder with the woman first orgasm of the evening as did John. We decided to switch to doggy as we made our girls face the headboard and we joined them from behind. Being a competitive guy, we was fucking Jenny with the exact same or faster rate than John was fucking Cat. Jenny liked it hard and fast from behind and was the easiest place to make the woman cum as it is for me personally as well. we began to drive into her faster as I emerged inside Jenny(she was on the pill and sex without a condom is just therefore a lot better.) We didn’t last lengthy in that position before Cat asked Jenny, “Can John screw me personally from behind as I eat you out?” Jenny nodded yes and I also laid behind the woman to get a great view. Jenny laid back on to me, which wasn’t extremely comfortable for me (rookie error) but it was therefore hott as Cat started to lick Jenny’s internal thigh, gradually working her method to her mouth and settling on her clitoris. John was behind Cat driving his dick nice and sluggish into her pussy as not to disrupt the work she was doing on Jenny’s pussy. I grabbed Jenny’s boobs and provided her nipples a light squeeze as Cat started to work her clit. It must have 5 minutes before Jenny started bucking the woman sides onto Cat’s face. Cat seemed up at united states and smiled. Jenny was fast to exclaim, “Now it’s your turn!” We switched positions and John made the exact same rookie error I did but I’m sure he learned his class as well as Cat laid right back on his body while Jenny went a great deal slower up Cat’s thigh to tease the girl also much more. Jenny had been usually a get right down to business sort of girl but she took her time with Cat and desired to make her first pussy consuming experience memorable (she had never ever gone down on her buddies during one of our threesomes). This view was much better and the undeniable fact that my dick was deep inside Jenny made it even better. we could tell she was a small stressed as she did not show the exact same vigor she did while kissing Cat earlier but that was too anticipated for the woman first time. After a small while, Cat proposed we swap. we requested Jenny if she was okay with this and she stated, “Absolutely, I’m therefore turned in right now, I require his dick inside of me.” I slowly walked over to Cat and discovered we was just about to touch the woman perfect body. I grabbed her sides, introduced her hard to my body and started to kiss her as her breast forced against my body. After being in a connection for some time, it feels so taboo and exciting kissing somebody new (Felt even much more various as it had been not a buddy of Jenny's that we knew previously). She wandered me to the bed and laid me down as she started to draw me off. Jenny had been great at providing head but Cat showed a little more enthusiasm and I constantly discovered that to be the best quality for fellatio. I asked her to please stop as I was close and wanted to get inside of her, she handed me a condom and I also put it on. I was therefore caught up in Cat that I barely noticed John was on top driving his cock into Jenny as she let away little whimpers. As much as we wanted to watch, we was totally concentrated on Cat as we slowly eased my method into the girl. She let off a soft moan and said, “You’re so big, please get deeper.” I couldn’t contain myself after that as I started fucking her deep as those soft moans started to improve in amount. we could feel myself getting close as she too had been drawing close to the woman orgasm. She dug her nails into my back as I exploded into the condom. Unfortunately I seemed more than and John was struggling to get information technology up, I didn’t even believe about him as I thought so bad that Jenny didnt get to cum one more time. She would have to wait till we got house. Information technology had been one of the most amazing experiences and started my obsession with team sex. Jenny and I broke up a 12 months later on when we attempted to live together and she became a small too confrontational. we simply moved to NYC and I also wish I can deliver my southern charm up here to the community and have some enjoyable. Hope you enjoyed and please offer comments. southernnyc [remark]