This is my very first post on here therefore bare with me personally if we don't know just what I'm doing, but I feel like I have too many amazing sexual experiences not to share. We had been seeing each other for a couple of days at this point and I also already knew one thing had been different about him. Nevertheless this had absolutely nothing to do with how we connected mentally, it was the ache I felt between my feet whenever I thought about him. He didn't have actually to be doing anything unique, we literally just desired to be on him at any given point in time. we crave a good chase, just like any girl in her 20's. we like to keep things interesting so I said it was best if we wait before going past second base. For four days I had been constantly horny, thinking about him 24/7. we would play away over and over again in my head just what our very first time having sex would be like. we could only picture information technology in a single way… hot and raw. We both have actually been aesthetically blessed and clearly take treatment of ourselves and I also tell you when you're comfortable with your human body the sex is 10x better. Therefore one evening we decided to go out for dinner then back to my location for drinks. we knew we couldn't hold out any longer, I had literally used my vibrator therefore frequently in the past weeks we had to replace the batteries twice. So I went to VS and picked off a see through, light pink babydoll halter and a matching all lace thong, I hid it in my closest restroom in hopes that when things heated up I would run in and fall it on. So supper went well.. then we emerged back to my spot and I also poured united states a few spectacles of wine. We were chatting but plainly neither of united states provided two shits exactly what the other had to state, we wanted each other. Which was all that was on my mind and I could see it in his eyes it's all he wanted too. He was telling me personally a tale at one point and I also couldn't even pay attention to what he was saying, I was too busy getting wet fantasizing about his dick in my mouth. Then, we began to kiss.. and not the kind of kiss that holds back. We kissed each other like we were dropping off a cliff and information technology had been the only way to hold on to one another. His tongue took over my mouth and I also could feel his hot breathing pouring into me like some kind of medication. I wanted him so badly, I started biting his ear and whispering to him…"I'm wet for you." then began to glide my tongue along his jaw line and nibble on his neck. He quickly took my hand and place it on his hard-on, my god it was huge. He was so difficult I thought he was going to cum right there, god I thought I was going to cum from him dry humping me at that point. That's when we knew information technology was time… I excused myself, making him hot and bothered, went into my restroom and put on the pink babydoll. we then re-entered the room by cracking the home and very first tossing my garments into the space… then I slowly started it and stood there in the light of hallway, making certain he could see everything. He just sat there in awe without saying a term and I also slinked over to the bed and pinned him down, viciously driving my groin against his user. Our hands moved rapidly all over each others human body's until I undid his jeans and drew a path from his nipples all the way down to his shaft. we started to lick his shaft up and down, each side, ensuring it had been wonderful and damp. Then we took it all in my mouth, being my gag reflex is not existent made it that much easier. we began massaging his balls while I sucked his cock, thrashing my tongue from side to side, then suckling on the tip. It was then that he lifted me up and set me on top of him. I was so damp we didn't need any longer foreplay. we sat right on top of his cock and information technology slid in gradually, filling me to the brim. My whole human body tingled, feeling complete and however therefore delicate simultaneously. I hadn't had sex in therefore lengthy and I also was so tight it was nearly overwhelming. we slowly began to movement my hips right back and forth, experiencing his cock hit my G area with almost every move. I began to caress myself, I wanted him to know just how good me made me feel. decreasing my fingers onto his chest I stared him in the eyes as my hair fell more than and developed a small package enclosing our faces. He reached up and bit my lip, then thrusted into me as hard as he possibly could, we wrapped my fingers around his muscular hands to brace just what was coming. He started fucking me as deeply and fast as anybody ever had. we could feel myself coming close to an orgasm nevertheless the feeling was therefore overwhelming it was as if we didn't know just how to cum. Then it occurred, one last thrust to send me throughout the edge and I also lost it, I must have cum all over his cock for exactly what felt like an eternity, blast after blast of pleasure rippled through my human body. Before we could get my breath he pulled out and told me he was likely to cum, eager to please him (and any excuse to put his cock in my lips) I started to draw him quickly and difficult, literally fucking him with my mouth. we felt his cock tighten and I moved my tongue along the vein on his shaft and information technology delivered him over the side. Warm cum filled my lips as we pulled him into my mouth so his cock was in as far because it could get, then it shot straight down my throat. He fell to the mattress and so did we, until round two…. floatingsoul [remark]