<br>I used to work at a skilled nursing center which we pretty a great deal ran during the weekends. we had been promoted to manager and always appeared to be the &quot;go-to&quot; nurse. Every person arrived to me along with their issues and I also got together with all the employees pretty well. Our staff consisted of mostly women whom constantly noticed whenever a guy began working here. A few months after we began working there, a male nurse was employed to-do our injury treatment. Most of the girls, including myself, were pretty young; between 18-25. It was kinda fun to view them practically throw by themselves at an older man. He had been attractive, slim, bald with piercing blue-green eyes that all the girls thought were gorgeous. I never ever said anything because we had a boyfriend at the time and I am extremely loyal whenever I'm in a connection. Absolutely nothing was likely to take place between united states anyhow. If you enjoyed this article and you would certainly such as to receive even more facts relating to best amateur porn stars kindly browse through the page. Messing around with a co-worker had been a huge no-no for me personally and very frowned upon by the business. However, he was an actually set aside guy but would make little talk with me personally whenever we ran into each other. Supposedly, it was more often with me personally than anyone else, but we thought he was just being friendly. Fast-forward 2 years. we had gone right back to college and started to work weekdays to much better accommodate my schedule. After I graduated I decided to get back to weekends. Working the weekends had been pretty awesome because information technology&#39;s so laid back. I had also simply broken up with my boyfriend of 3 many years and started permitting my crazy side take over. we had just turned 26 and I was single and loving it. My confidence had been building and I also wasn&#39;t as shy as I was once. The male nurse that did the wound treatment had been nevertheless there. Let&#39;s call him, Max. Max had been 39 today and nevertheless looked pretty damn good. He found off, like pretty a lot every person else you could produce a drama series from everything that went on at work, that I had been solitary and he appeared to be chatting to me much more frequently. we quickly started to notice the little flirty things Max would do like noticing every time I changed my hairstyle. we would say I had been attempting a brand new look and he would reply with something along the outlines of &quot;it looks great anyway you fix it.&quot; we would laugh and he would smile right back at me every time. &quot;Your laugh brightens up this whole building,&quot; he would say. we would blush and giggle like giddy small schoolgirl. So embarrassing. we was these types of a goofball. we had a special patient we&#39;re not supposed to play favorites but I loved that lady that I would go to because soon as we finished getting report from the nurse I was relieving every week-end. The funny thing had been that he would always be at the space across from my little lady doing a therapy on the patient here. Coincidence? No. Not for 6 months consecutively. One day we were talking about sports and he mentioned he had a set of passes to a basketball game that were given to him and if I would like to go. Well of course we did. Whom wouldn&#39;t want to go see their favorite group play and in truly great seats too. Before he left that time, he stopped at the nurses&#39; section and said he wanted to ask me one thing. &quot;we had been wondering if you would want to go with me as more than buddies?&quot; &quot;Like a date?&quot; &quot;Yeah, that&#8230;.ummmm do you?&quot; &quot;Sure, why not.&quot; He allow away a massive sigh of relief after that and said, &quot;Cool! It&#39;s a date!&quot; I chuckled a bit. &quot;Okay.&quot; After a couple of days he ended up texting me and saying he thought the game was on Friday but information technology was actually on Saturday. There was no method I could call-in with these types of a quick notice, specifically since we had been extremely short on staff. Unfortunately, we didn&#39;t end up going on a date but 2 days later he welcomed me over to his spot for dinner and products. Max and I also flirted a bit during the weekend before our conference set for that Tuesday. we was in one of the patient&#39;s room responding to a call light and he parked his supply cart right in front of the home to block me in and wouldn&#39;t allow me to out. &quot;Can you please allow me to off?&quot; He smiled and stated, &quot;what are you going to do if I don&#39;t?&quot; I don&#39;t know what emerged over me but I slapped his ass and he jumped back in utter shock. He also had that &quot;I-can&#39;t-believe-you-did-that&quot; look on his face for a great 30 seconds. The client in the space had also burst away laughing. we covered my mouth to keep myself from laughing and pushed the cart away and went right back to my desk. Omg, I kept thinking to myself. Why did I do that? I shouldn&#39;t do that at work. we had been so worried someone would see. we had been after all expected to lead by example. Max then wandered over to my desk and my heart started racing. He had been simply about to say something when my pager went off. Saved by the beep. Thank goodness it was the medical center calling me to allow me to know my admission was on it&#39;s way. My new patient kept me busy enough that I didn&#39;t see him the rest of the time. Tuesday had arrived and I got to his place late in the evening. I had on some skinny jeans and a semi-see through beige shirt. His home was truly good in, a true bachelor&#39;s pad with sports stuff everywhere. He revealed me personally around and we proceeded to have products in the patio. We talked and got to know one another some but we never had dinner. we don&#39;t think that was his intention anyways. &quot;So&#8230;..what do you wish to do today?&quot; &quot;We can go inside and watch television?&quot; Max consented and suggested watching the basketball game which we had no problem with. He led me to his room where his television was located. We climbed in his bed and laid straight down just inches aside from each other. We viewed the game and chatted. His legs began to get closer to mine and he adjusted his pillow. I relocated appropriate following to him and he placed his arm around me so I could lay my head on his shoulder. Like we said we had a couple of drinks, so that fluid courage had been throwing in. I had been horny by today. I placed my hand on his chest and would softly trace my fingertips over information technology. His eyes never left the TV. we allow my hands wonder down his abs and around his waistband. Simply as I was going to feel his bulge he grabbed my hand and pulled information technology right back up. He didn&#39;t say anything but we could feel his heartbeat getting stronger and faster. We laid here for some time until the next commercial emerged on. He began to state something but we cut him down mid- sentence and kissed him. You understand what he did once? He simply kept talking! Just carried on from where he had remaining off. we simply smiled, shook my mind, got on top of him and kissed him once more. He stopped me and told me he knew he wasn&#39;t going to settle with a one-time thing. We had formerly talked about that I wasn&#39;t ready for a relationship and I also recommended we could be FWBs and see where things went. Max simply got up to secure the home and started undressing on his means back to the bed. The whole evening he had been cool as a cucumber and then I don&#39;t know exactly what bit him but he turned into a wild pet . He jumped into bed and grabbed a hold of my jeans and my purple panties and pulled them off fast. My shirt and bra went following. He pushed me right back onto the bed and left my nude body uncovered in front side of him. With a devilish smirk on his face he took down his boxers and I noticed his cock was normal and difficult. Max moved his means up towards me personally and his mouth discovered mine. They locked and our tongues swirled around one another. He started kissing me personally down my throat and began nibbling my erect nipples once he reached them. My whole body tensed up more and more every time his lips relocated closer and closer to my bare, wet pussy. we thought his arms wrap around my thighs and pull me towards him. A loud grunt escaped his mouth when he drove his dick inside me in one single swift movement. For a number of minutes, he eased his cock in and out, wonderful and slow, moaning each time. &quot;Mmmm! I never ever thought a pussy could feel this great.&quot; &quot;Take me personally from behind?&quot; Doggie style is my favorite place. &quot;No. I want you much like this.&quot; Max just kept fucking me gradually, then he would pick up the speed and do it harder and faster and then slow straight down to bang me carefully once again. Information technology believed great but I desired to cum therefore bad. Each time he introduced me close to the advantage he would stop and turn me over into a brand new position. He didn&#39;t want to cum and he wouldn&#39;t allow me to cum also though I begged him over and over again. &quot;Please, Max, let me cum, please.&quot; &quot;Fine!&quot; He pulled out and placed his hand under my ass and buried his face in my pussy. I could feel him lick up, down and all around my clitoris. He would carefully draw on it and begin licking once again faster, striking my area each time. A wave of pleasure spread through my entire human body. My hands clawed at the sheets, my right back arched and my legs squeezed against his head until a truly intense orgasm subsided. Max hovered over me, started kissing me and I could taste the hint of sweetness in my juices. Without any doubt his head found my opening and he entered as if he owned it. He had loads of stamina and wasn&#39;t planning on stopping anytime quickly. Max kept thrusting until he was contented and blew the biggest load all over my chest and belly. He got up and went to get a towel but in the meantime I laid here covered in cum, dripping down to my feet and onto the bed. We cleaned up and I headed home soon after because information technology was late and he had to be up for work early. Max and I hooked up a few times after that and would flirt at work. Our encounters ended a few months ago but it was enjoyable while it lasted. : ilove2givebjs 1 <br>