It's Friday night. we find myself house alone. The kids have gone with their dad for the weekend. Wondering just what to do I put on some music and light some candles. we go upstairs and run a shower, falling out of my sweats and it seems so great to allow my human body free. I take down my bra and rub my nipples in relief. I switch off the bathroom lights and bathe in candlelight with lana del Rey playing in the backround. As we lather myself up and carefully wash my body we find myself reaching between my legs. If you beloved this article therefore you would like to acquire more info regarding indian casting couch videos i implore you to visit our own internet site. It's been too long since I've felt another touch down there besides my own. Every night and day we imagine grasp touching me here and it sends me into a horny daze. we get excited coming in contact with… My push wanting climax but we resist and exit the shower. After getting dried down I let my hair down, tumbling on to my shoulders, we feel womanly… Sexy. I feel a little different tonight, instead of pulling on simple underwear for bed we decide for something sexy. we choose a black thong, suspender gear and red and black corset. As we put them on I can't help wishing information technology will be HIM taking them off. we look at myself in the mirror. I look good, the fitness center has been having to pay off. we place some red lipstick on… Oh yes, seductive. we make my my downstairs and pour myself a cup of red wine. Settle myself on the sofa, my body relaxing as we sip the wine. I can't ignore my pussy calling out for touch, I would normally text master now as we'm horny but I decide against information technology this time. Friday night I would imagine him to be with organization. we lay down and spread my feet apart, draw my finger and pull my panties apart, rubbing my clitoris ultimately sliding a finger in and then two. I'm therefore wet, ready to be fucked. As we may on the couch with my legs aside, hands working their method in and out, my cheeks flushed, I feel we could orgasm whenever. I hear the front door handle, I haven't locked the door. Not expecting anybody, I panic but freeze. Exactly what if information technology's family members? I remove my hand from my underwear, fingers nonetheless soaking from my juices. The door opens. we can't move. we glance up. It's him. Master. He appears therefore hot. Sweatpants and and t shirt therefore tight information technology shows off his muscular arms and shoulders. I can see his nipples. That piercing mmmm. His face is partly covered with a baseball cap, expression hard to read. He appears serious. Is he angry? I'm his plaything, have always been I allowed to play with myself? We text a great deal, I take things half heartily I've thought of this moment taking place but never ever thought it would. Fuck.. What now? I can't move, frozen with my feet spread in absolutely nothing but my kinkier underwear. "Master" we state. "Oh plaything, you did not ask my authorization to touch yourself. You must be punished. Get up". I stand up. I have no idea where this might be going. I'm so horny, I simply wish to touch him. we walk more than to him and place my fingers on his upper body. He instantly brushes it off. "Knees plaything. I'm likely to be rough with you today. You deserve it". we drop to my knees, he grabs the back of my locks with one hand and utilizing the other he frees himself from his sweatpants and tight white boxers underneath. Yes, we want this this. we wish to taste his cock, from the minute I have set eyes on this man I've desired to please him. "Open slut" he barks at me personally and I do as I'm informed. He causes his tough cock in my mouth, we place my hand up to let me go my mind back as my lips is dry. It's uncomfortable. He grabs my hand and places information technology behind my back. I try once more but this time he looks mad. He reaches into his pocket and brings something out. It's a cable tie… Wow, this man was prepared with this. Utilizing the wire tie he tightly bounds my fingers together behind my back. My mouth is nevertheless dry and he pushes his cock deep into my throat forcing me to gag. This makes my lips damp and now he is sliding in and out of my lips with convenience. He tastes so good. He better cum, we want it. I want it on my mouth, on my tongue and my face. I beg for it "cum for me master, please, we want one to cover me in your hot cum." we feel him throbbing, getting closer. He's looking down at me personally and I'm looking up at him maintaining eye contact. we understand he is about to climax therefore I try to force my head ahead getting his cock deeper in my mouth but he brings my mind right back with my locks. "Plaything, you don't deserve my cum however. You've been a really naughty girl." He lifts me to my legs and pushes me to the couch. My hands are still tied. we fall onto the sofa, legs dangling off the end. Master pulls his t shirt off, steps out of his sweatpants and then pulls of every final bit of what I'm wearing. He goes to the home and his ass is simply glorious. Peachy and has soft blonde locks all over. Mmmm, this is a sight we could get used to. He gets a knife from the cabinet and walks back to me personally, cock still hard and wet from fucking my lips. He frees my hands and lifts them above my mind. I'm told if I function up they will be tied this method. Master climbs on top of me tilting on me with all his weight. I pull his baseball cap off. I understand he hates this but I need to see his stunning face. He slaps me personally difficult then sets his hand around my throat. we can breathe but it's restricted. He is kissing my mouth and I also can feel his cock massaging against my naked pussy. "Fill my pussy along with your cock grasp. we want this, I want you." He stops kissing me personally, hand nevertheless around my throat and eases his cock in slowly, teasing the tip against my pussy and then ramming information technology in deep. My whole body falls apart, this is ecstasy. The emotions down there, the breathlessness from his fingers around my neck as well as the enjoyment I am getting from simply viewing his face. His eyes gazing at me, his shoulders and arms. His nipples and pecs. I am at his mercy and he understands information technology. He's thrusting in and out, getting faster and getting closer. Prepared to fill me personally with cum. I'm grinding as he thrusts, getting friction on my clit and I'm getting close. He fucks me personally deep and I also can feel his cock pulsing inside me. The look of pure pleasure on his face as he cums sets me on the brink. He releases his grip from my neck and I also get an unexpected rush of atmosphere to my mind. That and him filling my pussy sends me into climax, searching into his eyes while I'm shouting his title. He collapses beside me. Sweaty, sexy and happy that my pussy is today dripping with his cum. Clojojo89 [comment]