, a little backstory. This is whenever we was about 17, as well as the lady included was too.. There was about 20 of us all drinking at my friend's destination, as per usual on the week-end, along with her and I also went for a stroll to the store to get more mix. I had been fit, about 5'10' and with eyeglasses. She was thin, with the biggest fucking boobs I've ever seen, and it was crazy she could walk right at all with them. We had simply met that night, but the few hours we were there we couldn't take our eyes off each other. So we are walking up the road, and she has her arm around my own. We are speaking and laughing, I want I remembered the discussion better but I'm not gonna' lie, there was loads of Old Sam rum drank that night. "Thanks for coming on the walk with me personally, I didn't want to be all alone, I feel a great deal much better with you here though!" she said. Information technology was windy as hell out, and she was having difficulty maintaining her super lengthy black hair out of her face. we stopped where we were walking, and brushed some locks out of her face and held it back. She stared in my eyes for a moment, and I also stated, "Well, I couldn't let you go by yourself. Besides, we needed to be alone with you." and with that, we kissed. In the middle of the street, the only light originating from the street lamp. It started to get pretty fucking heated, and our tongues were dancing in eachother's mouths. we was operating my hands every over her deliciously fat ass, and she was digging her nails into my back. We stopped kissing quickly, so we could lean the woman up against a car on the road. From here, things only became much more intense. I lifted her up onto the car, and started sliding my fingers over her hot pussy. 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Nevertheless, believed great! we just laughed out loud, and stated "Please, wrap your mouth around it." She went to fucking town on my cock! Licking up and down the shaft, and and seeking to deep throat me but not really great at it because we had been 17. Nonetheless, information technology had been amazing! My cock had been soaked when she sat on the car's hood and stated, "You ever bang on top of a car?" "No, have you?" "I'm about to." This was just my second time ever having sex, but Jesus fucking Christ I was excited! No condom, absolutely nothing. we slid my cock into her hot pussy, and started absolutely fucking the hell out of her! She liked every second of information technology. We weren't even kind of peaceful. She was moaning noisy, and biting at my collarbone and throat, while we pounded her tight pussy. 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As we both calmed down, she requested for the woman thong back. "Fuck no, it's mine now. Until following time at minimum." She smiled, and we kissed. We hadn't even made it to the shop, and had been gone for close to thirty mins…. So we wandered there anyhow, and whenever we got back, individuals requested us what took therefore very long. We simply told everyone that there had been a long line. She was a cool chick, we dated for a 12 months after that, but she had her own problems and cheated on me personally twice. I nevertheless speak to her every once in a whilst, nevertheless the intimate attraction is gone on both stops. We had an absolutely fucked up relationship. Anyway, many thanks for reading. stealthmars [remark]