<br>Feels good to finally share this, but I suppose a bit of background is important here. My friend, we’ll call Cassie, and I had been friends since we had been 15, did ballet together and all that girly crap. We were both friends with a woman who lived following door to me so we would hang off through said neighbour girl but weren’t all that close ourselves. Anywho, Cassie lived mainly with her dad because her mom was a flight attendant and was never around. Obviously I’d known Cass’s dad Michael for many years and I also constantly thought he was sexy, and not in the “oh he would of been hot in his childhood” kinda way, he was a fucking fox, but obviously this might be simply one of those things you believe about and dismiss as an absurd immature dream, or so I thought. He almost has a Clooney thing going for him &#8211; about 43, square jaw and dark warm eyes and in amazing shape he utilized to own a gym franchise and offered it in the 90’s and has been doing the exact same thing ever since, becoming extremely well off and established in the procedure. Cassie had been constantly, in my opinion, needlessly cruel to her dad. I know he has fucked up in the past but he did so a lot for her and set her up with this incredible life and has constantly been seeking to win back her trust. He would ask her exactly how her day was and she would call him unpleasant and clingy in front side of all her friends and it simply sucked. She flat out told me that she has a list of things she desires in his will and it is pretty a great deal excited for him to die/divorce the woman mum so she can get an apartment in Sydney. we would constantly hang off with him and attempt cheer him up, and we had our reasonable share of awkward, bordering on improper flirtatious jokes and cuddles. Although I was attracted to him and I knew he thought we was breathtaking, any ideas we had were dismissed as absurd fantasy, he was two times my age and married and my friends dad and he’d understood me since I was 15 for beginners. Anyhow, it had been Cassie’s 21st birthday supper that her dad had organised for her family members and close buddies at this massive restaurant he hired out at a hotel. Being a 21st in a pretty boring town, word spread fast and here ended up being about 150 individuals here towards the end of the night. Luckily we had supper with all the girl close friends and family before everyone in our graduating class arrived. During the supper, I had been sat following to Michael and I also began experiencing all those stupid ideas you have when you’re almost touching somebody and it feels like you can physically feel the energy between your bodies. we could smell his cologne and the scotch on his breathing and all these minor details had been becoming almost overwhelming, my head was doing backflips just sitting beside him and we’re all having this beautiful supper and I’m pretending not to notice the warmth and surprise I felt every time he moved me. Here's more information on sexy older lady porn (see it here) review our own internet site. As the evening went on, most of Cass’s family went house and it pretty a great deal switched into a frat celebration after that. We had been all crazy drunk and I went out for a smoke to get some area, and ran into Michael. We shared a tobacco cigarette and conversation was therefore effortless between united states, he had his arm around me and would touch my legs while speaking, but I would always overanalyse and assume I’m using things the wrong way. A co-worker of his came outside and all of an unexpected things looked weird, and I kinda understood why, he had been obviously uncomfortable like he had walked in on something so we went right back inside. Its about 4am and people began making and there was champagne and silly string over everything and every person, there was literally a bath of champagne and glitter so we kinda looked like an adult variation of those nickelodeon slime victims. Cass and I also and a few other girls shared a space at the hotel and went up to crash, and Michael had been down the hallway from us. At first we were all just going to sleep and were means too exhausted to do a great deal else, but Cassie as well as the girls decided they wanted to go to this men home near by on the beach. we never ever liked him we all graduated together for a number of reasons but we truly just desired to stay and find Michael. Luckily every person knew I hated him and why, and thought absolutely nothing of me personally keeping back at the hotel to sleep. Information technology had been probably 10 mins after they left that I went to find him or ‘accidentally’ bump into him. we was out in the corridor and I also contemplated knocking on his home and simply as I’m about to get back to my room and remember that I’m drunk and stupid for evening thinking this could occur, when he opens the door. In a towel, to place a sign on the home. I freezed and he had been startled enough as it was. I told him we was saying goodbye to the girls and he asked why I didn’t get with them. we didn’t even understand just what to inform him I just blanked and fortunately he killed the silence and said something like “I’m not tired, do you want to hang out?”. Before I knew it I heard the door click behind me, and as soon as I did it was like the world consisted of absolutely nothing else but that room, and all pretence stopped right then. “you’re a mess” he said we in some way forgot I was a gluey glitter wreck, “let’s get you cleaned up”. He started walking towards me and I also had never been that close to him prior to, I learned every inch of his toned human body, smelled his cologne once again, and realised simply exactly how huge he was, effortlessly more than 6ft. I’m normally intimidated by really tall or large guys simply because they could probably smash my mind in with a bicep curl, but he had the softest and warmest look in his eyes and he believed so caring. He turned me around by my shoulders, wandered me to the bathroom and turned the shower on. As we stood at the advantage of the tub we could feel my heart beating out of my upper body and I also nevertheless wasn’t sure whether this was actually occurring. He kissed the back of my throat therefore that cleared everything up for me, then he began to unzip the back of my dress. I remember feeling his knuckle slip down every vertebrae, giving chills up my spine. He slipped my gown off and told me to get in, so we did. He just stood here viewing for a second, I was nevertheless therefore stressed we thought he could actually see my heart pounding against my chest. He unhooked the bath mind and started washing me all over. His eyes would fixate on every location he washed for a couple of moments and then dart back to fulfill my own, like he was getting himself out. We hardly said anything the complete time and information technology had been truly sensual and peaceful, like getting to know one another for the very first time in an entirely different means. When I was clean I stepped out and he embraced me in a towel and lead me back to the space. We both had a cigarette out the window, and he told me he had been thinking about this for some time, but constantly dismissed it and believed accountable. we told him I believed the same. Nothing else was stated, he leaned in, held my face and kissed me, absolutely nothing crazy, simply a soft kiss. I remember thinking exactly how strong he believed but we wasn’t scared at all. we went and sat on the advantage of the bed and he came over and told me to take down my towel. Looking back on it just about everything he stated was an order but it didn’t feel like it at the time, he was just very direct and I was happy there was no confusion because all I wanted was to please him. “They’re gorgeous” he said staring at my breasts. He began massaging and squeezing and I could feel my pussy begin to ache. He sucked my nipples and relocated up my neck, he was confident and certainly knew just what he was doing, which was a little different having only been with 2 guys before him and being 20. He kissed my forehead carefully then pulled my damp hair into a pony end, pulling my head back. With one hand he dropped his towel exposing that beautiful cock we had been thinking about for therefore long, we couldn’t believe it was actually in front of me personally. I started to lick up and down his shaft and before I could even start to draw he pushed me personally right back onto the bed. Because soon as we felt my back against the sheets we felt his cock start to press on the outside of my pussy and we could both feel how wet I was, I was aching to the point of discomfort. He was therefore much thicker than anybody or anything else we had experienced, and it took a good moment or two to adjust to just exactly how large he was. Obviously I had been with men my own age, but i’m fairly petit and I’d never experienced anything like this. we could feel him stretching literally every inch of my pussy because it throbbed and spasmed trying to accommodate all of him. He thrusted and I also yelped as he filled me entirely, never breaking eye contact and muttering ‘good girl’ every time I moaned or squirmed beneath him. He would push into me so hard the bed was smashing against the wall but he constantly kept a slow and steady rate. He flipped me personally onto my stomach, face down on the bed and began rubbing my back, moving down to my ass where he parted my feet and began rubbing my pussy, inserting one finger after another. I don’t think I’ll ever be in a position to explain just how amazing every minute of it was, he was incredibly mindful and at the same time totally in control of me. we couldn’t stop from writhing and was shaking all over, razor-sharp hot tingles raced all over my human body and I also almost thought like crying it was so overwhelming and intense. He fucked me therefore deep and throughout the following 3 hours or so I had more orgasms than I’d had in my entire life and I also doubt I’ll find anyone more experienced than him. He spooned me personally to sleep at 7am and we got up at around 11 for brunch with every person, including Cassie, and I also had the most tasty blueberry scones. yourdadfuckedme 6 s<br>