<br>You get back to the bedroom, where you see Wendy, snoozing under her covers.<br> <br>Where has she gone? you thought. Stupid girl.<br> <br>The sheets are wet, slightly pink; not too pink to be blood. You smell her arousal, and there is a vague smell of cum. She is obviously sweaty, and tired.<br> <br>You sit at your bed; there is a piece of paper with neat lettering.<br> <br>DAILY SCHEDULE FOR THE DAY<br> <br>8 a.m. Breakfast with Master<br> <br>10 a.m. Return to Bedroom <br> <br>12 p.m. Lunch in Bedroom<br> <br>1 p.m. Playtime<br> <br>4 p.m. Return to Bedroom<br> <br>6 p.m. Dinner with Master<br> <br>7 p.m. Special Privileges<br> <br>10 p.m. Bedtime<br>

<br>A line, written in bold, screams<br> <br>YOU ARE NOT TO TOUCH YOURSELF OUTSIDE OF PLAYTIME<br>

<br>Special Privileges. you wonder what that means. Speshful Pivrledges? Spashful Penislegders? You vaguely remember knowing what &#39;Special Privileges&#39; meant. But now you can&#39;t remember anymore.<br> <br>The note drifts away out of your mind as soon as you return the note to its dresser.<br> <br>You lie down, and take a nap. You dream of Esther, of Sammy, and of Wendy. The four of you caressing each other&#8230; fingering one another. The fingers feel real; they gently graze your pussy&#8230; your inner lips&#8230; your clit&#8230; they enter you, rubbing against the sweet spot you so dearly love.<br> <br>You wake up, and you realise you have your fingers inside your wetness.<br> <br>The words in bold suddenly scream at you, as if you&#39;ve only remembered it now. YOU ARE NOT TO TOUCH YOURSELF OUTSIDE OF PLAYTIME<br> <br>Frightened, you quickly take your fingers out. You know someone saw you, and you don&#39;t know what to do.<br> <br>YOU ARE NOT TO TOUCH YOURSELF OUTSIDE OF PLAYTIME<br> <br>the words scream at you again. In your mind, in your body. You want to touch yourself. Why can&#39;t you touch yourself? You cower in your sheets. <br> <br>Because Master said so. A lingering thought pops up. I want to&#8230; but I must obey what Master says&#8230;<br> <br>You turn to look at Wendy. She touched herself. you vaguely remember Sammy saying. Poor girl.<br> <br>You go back to your nap. This time, it is dreamless.<br>

<br>Dinner is a satisfying chicken chop with fries, covered in gravy. You&#39;ve always been very famished, but as you eat you realise you haven&#39;t been growing fatter.<br> <br>It must have been the metabo- what&#39;s that word again? Me-ba-tosism? you think. Mebalosism. Ah. That&#39;s the word. I have more of it now, now that I took the drug.<br> <br>&quot;How&#39;s dinner, Betty?&quot; Sammy says. Esther looks up at you. You notice that Wendy&#39;s at the dinner table as well. Her boobs look red, as though she had been spanked multiple times.<br> <br>&quot;Dinner is mmm&#8230; delicious!&quot; you say, as you tuck into a slice of the chicken chop.<br> <br>Master is at the table too, having the same chicken chop and fries. The gravy tastes salty. Like cum, you think. Like Master&#39;s cum.<br> <br>&quot;Look at us,&quot; Esther says. &quot;We&#39;re all naked!&quot; <br> <br>She giggles. Master laughs a little as well. You giggle, along with the rest. It&#39;s so funny that you&#39;re naked. And so arousing. If you enjoyed this article and you would such as to get more facts relating to nude old woman kindly go to our web-page. <br> <br>&quot;Since we&#39;re all so happy being naked, why not join my special party?&quot; Master says. &quot;Everyone will be a party favour.&quot;<br> <br>&quot;One rule, though: no one, except for me, can come inside your pussy without a condom. Understand?&quot; Master looks very serious about this. &quot;I want you to be mine, and only mine.&quot;<br>

<br>The party was all-male. Well, nearly.<br> <br>Master had invited over his business partners for a sex party, and you were the slaves he needed to satisfy these businessmen. <br> <br>There were fat businessmen, who had loving, adoring wives at home; young businessmen who were excited about doing business with Master (and cheating on their recently-wed wives); even a businesswoman who knew Master and his kinks intricately.<br> <br>Of course, you didn&#39;t know any of those facts. Fat man or thin boy, it didn&#39;t matter. All that mattered was cocks.<br> <br>Protection was handed all around; everyone got from their suits to bare nakedness in a matter of minutes. It wasn&#39;t even at all dignified. But it was very deviant. <br> <br>And deviance was arousing, to everyone. Cocks were erect all around. Large, thick veiny cocks; medium-sized, thin cocks; small but thick cocks&#8230; cocks of all shapes and sizes.<br> <br>You were the centre of attention; being new, everyone wanted a piece of you. You were lying down on a velvet sofa laid in the center of the room &#8211; the velvet felt&#8230; soft and smooth on your back; Sammy and Esther had their own velvet sofas. Wendy was at the back, servicing some other men and the sole businesswoman.<br> <br>And of course, Master was there too. With his cock erect, he marched towards you; the businessmen cleared a way in deference to the Master. <br> <br>&quot;They love my cock,&quot; Master tells the businessmen, some already eagerly stroking their cocks. &quot;Watch. Betty, come. Pleasure me.&quot;<br> <br>Master beckons you over. He says the magic words, the words you&#39;ve been waiting to hear; his cock touches your lips. It is too much; too arousing. You moan, loudly, as the familiar waves of pleasure collide and overwhelm your head. It is an indescribable feeling; the only thing you know to do &#8211; the only thing you know you want to do &#8211; is to take him all in. <br> <br>And you do. You gag on Master&#39;s cock. You slobber all over it, licking up and down his shaft, sensuously and aggressively. You listen to Master&#39;s slight moans of pleasure; you look at his face, as he stares right at you, his perfect little servant.<br> <br>And he cums. His cock twitches, violently, his cum spurting right into your throat. Master does not make a sound, but merely grabs your head and presses it against his crotch. The smell of his crotch is overpowering; the pressure of his cock against the back of your throat erotic &#8211; and as Master throbs inside of you; as his warm semen flows down into your throat, you feel&#8230; wet, and aroused, again.<br> <br>The businessmen clap at Master&#39;s demonstration. Master grunts, and the last of his semen shoots down your throat. You gulp it all down; it is Master&#39;s gift to you.<br> <br>&quot;Now, let the party begin!&quot; Master proclaims.<br> <br>The businessmen crowd around you; you first make small talk with them. Some of them already have their hands on you; but you don&#39;t mind.<br> <br>&quot;What&#39;s your name, little sweetheart?&quot; one of them asks.<br> <br>&quot;Master calls me Betty,&quot; you reply.<br> <br>&quot;You remind me&#8230; more of a Jenna.&quot;<br> <br>Jenna. The name, seemingly important, drifts away as one of the men waves his cock in front of you. He is clearly intoxicated, but still aroused.<br> <br>You grab him, and take him all in, the way you took Master all in. It didn&#39;t take him long to go over the edge.<br> <br>The party continued on; many of the men inserted themselves into you, filling you up for the second time today. Most of them wore condoms; some of them fucked you with another male partner; those were the most enjoyable; two cocks inside of you, cumming, twitching, thrusting, pushing, pulling, filling you up&#8230; oh yes.<br> <br>You had someone in your hand at all times; and when that person came, you merely brought your hand to your mouth and licked it all clean. And you came; many times. The pleasurable sensations of being filled up; of cocks, twitching in your hands, up your ass, and in your pussy; of men, shooting their cum over your face; their hot cocks on your lips. oooohhhhh.<br> <br>You can&#39;t see Esther or Sammy, but you can hear their occasional screams of delight.<br> <br>Someone straddles himself on top of your chest; his cock lay right in between your boobs. It was one of those young businessmen; the one who just graduated from college. He was visibly drunk, and you could feel every detail of his hard dick on your boobs. You spat on his cock to provide him with lubrication; but he had other ideas.<br> <br>Without putting on a condom, he pushes his cock into you.<br> <br>&quot;Mr Grey told you not to do that,&quot; someone says. &quot;It&#39;s his servant&#8230;&quot;<br> <br>The drunken man was offended. &quot;I am clean&#8230; I don&#8230; I don&#39;t need protection&#8230;&quot;<br> <br>You try to pull away, but to no avail; he&#39;s already held his weight down onto you. He thrusts in and out of you; you feel his cock throbbing inside of you. Oh gosh&#8230; oh yes you think. Wait&#8230; is he going to come?<br> <br>He momentarily stops, and he comes.<br> <br>Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4<br> <br> <br> submitted by PM_ME_YOUR_WEETS [link] [comment]<br>