<br>Posting with an alt as the girl in question lets call her B knows of reddit. I am 29, typical guy, not anything special. The girl in concern is 23 many years old, 5 ft 2, bright blond, curvy 130 pounds figure. we don&#39;t know her cup size but she says she wears size 4 to 8 jeans, which is definitely not fat in my books at all. She has all the right curves and big boobs and loves to flaunt them. There are 2 guys and 2 women in our close friends group that always hang out together. B is dating the other dude, but the other girl and I also are solitary. I simply got out of a relationship so we&#39;m in no hurry to leap back in. Recently the other guy and B bought a house, so we were assisting them go, particularly because I have a truck and trailer, one of 2 being used that day. On the early morning of the move just 5 days ago, I go over to their old house. We start packing up tools and cleaning things with the first load. The others including their relatives continue steadily to pack, but B desires to go over and begin cleansing. So her and I go over, simply the two of us. B recently indicated to me how her life is crazy appropriate now with the moving and pending engagement lengthy tale, nevertheless the other dude wants to ask her, and every person knows, and how she is envious of my no-cost solitary life. At very first I brushed off all these kinds of s as the lady stressing away over huge events happening simultaneously, but during this trip, she asked me &quot;I wonder if I can overcome this anxiety by doing one thing crazy?&quot; I nervously laughed. When I glanced more than, she had been searching at me, but seemed straight down immediately when we made eye contact, and she also blushed while playing with the woman hair. At this point, we recalled all my lonely evenings of investigating how to review girl&#39;s body language and all that shit yes, shuddap, i admit to googleing how to choose up women lol , so instantly, all those bits of information started surfacing in my mind. I abruptly realize that she's searching pretty damn hot in her plain blue tshirt and grey yoga jeans and pony tail. Unfortunately the remainder of the trip had been awkwardly quiet. Upon arriving, I back into the part driveway, and we unload the containers and whatnot. This time I&#39;m observing her as if for the first time, most likely because she has always been off limits to me. Her and I are close and know loads of each other. For example, she understands just what turns me on, and is also walking about the home in bare feet with painted toenails, together with tight yoga pants that are riding up between her ass cheeks &#8211; understanding her hiked up on purpose. we also understand the just insecure component of her human body is her feet, so it's astonishing she managed to get a pedicure a couple of days ago for the very first time. She calls me personally to deliver over the mop bucket, so we go over to the washroom to discover her bent over at the waist, playing with the shower faucet. we push my luck and try a flirty pickup line &quot;wow, that is very hot. As well as the water is too.&quot; Unfortunately we fumble this really corny term and almost squealed it off because of the lump in my throat. She looks back and laughs with a rather big smile, and remains bent over. She then brings one knee to the tub and starts showing me her base and flexing it, all the whilst seeking to look busy. we step up really closely in behind her, and bring the bucket over to her side. She says &quot;oh, thanks&quot; and bs at just how close we am. As she grabs the bucket, she leans back and bumps into my front side. we don&#39;t move, and she rubs the woman ass into me personally as she brings the bucket down to fill it with water. The front home unlocks and opens up, as well as the other individuals bring a second vehicle load. we quickly move right back and walk out from the washroom. While helping them, I notice B is constantly looking at me, since much as we&#39;m staring at her. The other individuals ask if we are ready to deliver loads 3 and 4, but B chimes in and says that the two of us are in the middle of planning and cleaning while pointing out the big messy heap of boxes in the living space. The mom says she will stay to assist too. The other men start to tease me, and I simply laugh it off, and throw one of them my secrets. The mother begins her cleansing in the kitchen, therefore B and I also are alone again. She turns to me personally and grabs my forearm. When I look up and secure eyes, she leans in and whispers &quot;I&#39;m sorry for that, but I promise I&#39;ll make it up for you.&quot; At this point I&#39;m beyond excited, and it supposedly had been beginning to show. At one point she hands me a container of water, to which I gratefully drink from. She then grabs it and begins casually consuming from it. I jokingly whisper &quot;I hope you don&#39;t mind my cooties.&quot; She smiles at me, then starts to draw on the bottle tip as if performing a BJ. &quot;we don&#39;t brain.&quot; She claims with a smirk, and fingers me personally the water bottle. I stare at the bottle for a 2nd, then push it up, and stick my tongue into it and begin licking it in a very obvious intimate jesture. She reacts by bringing her hand up to her face, blushing and exclaiming. Evidently it was too much as she switched around and walked into another space while moaning &quot;oh my gosh&quot;. For a bit, B would switch between helping her mom clean and assisting me personally sorting bins around. At this time the other individuals bring another round of going bins into the living room, and take off again. we ask B for assistance to go some of the furnishings into the basement, to which she gladly obliges. While we had been going the futon frame down, she whimpers in discomfort, and claims to go slower. When we set the frame in its spot, she collapses and starts rubbing the woman foot. I toss the futon mattress onto the frame in its sofa setup, and help B onto it to stay. I grab her foot and begin massaging it from toe working upwards, all the while asking her where it hurts. we reach the woman knee, then wait for a bit before continuing. we look up and she's tilting back and has her eyes closed, making peaceful moaning noises. As I reach her quads, she lets out a louder moan and opens up her feet, and even starts to &quot;pitch my tent&quot; with her foot. Whenever we reach her thigh, she brings up her other leg up onto the futon and spreads her feet broader. we can begin to see the outline of every curve between the woman feet as the grey yoga material is very tightly stretched. She starts to inhale faster and is also today looking at me personally while moaning. As we&#39;m massaging as large up on her sides, I occasionally clean her pussy. On the third or therefore pass that I&#39;m carrying this out, she whispers &quot;please&quot; and unexpectedly brings a hand to her lips in embarrassment. we take this cue as permission and get the waist component of her jeans, and begin to pull it down. She lets in a big breathe of air and lifts her butt off the futon, so I pull her pants down to her ankles and quickly go down on her. She's fully bald we might include. She's frantically trying to keep quiet, but i&#39;m working since quickly as I can with a goal to get her to cum before we get interrupted. She prevents me and pushes me away. At this point I am thinking we seriously messed up, but she kneels in front side of me and quickly undoes my gear and jeans, then pushes me down to the floor. She then straddles me upside down, and goes down on me while growing her pussy on my face. We are in a complete 69, and she supposedly feels the urgency as well as she's going straight down as aggressively as possible. A few times passed, and we talked once more in private. Evidently, she said this might be that one crazy event she needed before settling down to a full married lifestyle, and can state yes when the other guy finally asks her to marry him. She additionally stated theoretically we didn&#39;t go all the way, so there is actually nothing to worry about. I&#39;m still confused about the entire situation. She is a fantastic girl and we get along very well, but I guess I knew that she had been just going to &quot;use&quot; me. I&#39;m ok with that, because she swallowed, and she tells me personally I made her cum twice. gwstoryguy <br>

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