<br>About a 12 months and a half ago we had been dating a woman named Emily. We only dated for about two and a half months. I&#39;m a bit of an unconventional man, but Em is an actually unconventional girl. This goes both for way of life and look, but for the sake of the story just the appearance really matters here. She is surely not the type of woman that numerous men would go for, but the girl does well for herself. She had shaved her mind about six months to a year before we began dating, therefore whenever we had been together she had pretty short hair. Jet black colored. Really dark locks, but which was her normal color. Her skin tone matched &#8212; olive skin, never ever bothered to tan, just naturally that way. You could possibly imagine that the type of woman whom shaves the woman head doesn&#39;t shave anything else. Phone me crazy, but we type of like that. So she had hairy armpits, hairy feet, and a big bush. It all threw me down quickly at very first, but I arrived to like diving into the woman Amazon jungle. And I truly missed information technology whenever we broke up. The woman human body is fairly typical. She seemed better before we began dating, when she weighed about 20 pounds less, but she had been not obese by any means. I&#39;m a boob guy, and she has like none &#8212; but that was OK. Really, extremely flat chested. Like never ever wears a bra because she doesn&#39;t see the point flat. She has an absolutely great ass, however. Not too big, not too tiny. Not the kind of company ass you could jump a quarter off of, nevertheless the sort which was simply begging for a spanking. The type your fingers just want to latch onto and never ever allow get of. Pretty a lot the only underwear she had were ridiculous Victoria Secret panties that her mom would buy her, from the collection that has the stupid shit printed on the ass. So when she&#39;d get up in the early morning she&#39;d slide on a pair of those things and do this adorable small dance to give me a show. She&#39;s probably about 5&#39;8&quot;. Numerous tattoos large and little, too numerous to count, but no piercings. I'm 6&#39;1&quot;, about 160lb, fit. Long browish-blond hair. A beard. I feel like I&#39;m not the crucial part of the tale, but I guess that&#39;s a mix of modesty and male-ness. So to the ladies reading: I&#39;m a great searching guy if you like the look. Well endowed at about 7.5&quot;, but not packing a massive horse cock or anything. Sometimes she and I had really, really good sex. And sometimes it was pretty bad. She is the type that operates pretty hot-and-cold. For the many part the sex was truly good, but it went downhill, and quickly. Neither of us ever really claimed it plainly, but whenever we broke up it had been pretty clear that problems around sex were largely to blame. This time was one of the really, truly good times. Em has really awesome, distinct orgasms. Really capable of multiples and through penetration no less. As a man, that&#39;s a treat, and you don&#39;t constantly find it. The other truly cool thing is how various the orgasm she could have would be. Often, if I&#39;d be fingering her, she&#39;d come and then have actually to pull my hand out of her. She&#39;d get all giggly and wouldn&#39;t let me touch the woman &#8212; which of course, we tried to. But then when I&#39;d be fucking her it&#39;d be completely different. But that&#39;s the end of the story &#8212; no need to destroy it by describing it here. we reside at home. At this point in time I&#39;d never had sex in my very own bed. She knew this, and I also think it excited her. One week-end, whenever the home had been empty, we stayed at my place. It had been still pretty early in the connection, right back whenever she would start. So as we lied in my bed she began to tease me, kiss me, get me all riled up. She desired to break my bed in right, and I was excited to-do it. We got naked and things got to going along nicely. She enjoyed being consumed off. She told me personally once that &quot;Being off is the best feeling on the planet. Imagine the best thing you can believe of, and then times it by like a hundred. That&#39;s a tongue on your pussy.&quot; therefore of course we adored consuming her out. Being the middle of winter, we had my hefty comforter on my bed, and my space had been cold. So rather than pull off the covers and get freezing cold, I wiggled my method down under the covers, spread her legs, and got to work. As we stated, she had a really full bush, therefore licking the woman pussy took a small bit of care on my component. Usually I would dive appropriate in, face first, and wiggle my face around. But this time I spread her feet nice and broad, parted her locks, and with a long, rigid tongue began a lengthy lick at the bottom and moved all the way to the top. She had a strong fragrance. A little overpowering at first, but intoxicating after a few minutes. we changed from long licks to smaller and shorter licks, moving from the bottom of her pussy, up the edges, making shorter and shorter licks all the way as much as her inflamed clitoris. From here I made brief work of her. She was extremely responsive to a warm tongue on her clitoris. I braced my hands on the inside of her thighs and pulled her legs aside. My head moved up and down as my tongue grazed up and down over the woman nub. Her hands rested on the top of my mind and her hands would move through my long locks. we relentlessly licked the woman pussy &#8212; but we got a small carried away. On more than one occasion with her I would get completely overwhelmed as well as in the moment, and forget to breathe. With the covers over my head trapping all of our human body temperature in, and all of her hair, sometimes it&#39;d be a little hard to get air. Haha, so with a gasp we arrived up for atmosphere and briefly interrupted the action. She laughed, &quot;You doofus.&quot; We threw the blanket off over my mind, re-positioned slightly and I went back to work. This time, with her laying on her back, we lifted her legs with my hands on the backside of her thighs, and kind of rocked her back, lifting her ass off the bed. With her feet together and her pussy pulled up toward me personally, I dived back in and relentlessly licked her hairy cunt. we relocated my tongue every which method and she liked ever minute of information technology. Suspended in the atmosphere and held up by my fingers, the woman body wriggled around with every lick. Eventually she wiggled loose from my hold and dropped back to the bed. I smiled and looked up at the girl. &quot;no-one has ever licked my pussy like that prior to! Just what made you believe of that?&quot; &quot;I don&#39;t understand, just felt right.&quot; With this I had been licking my fingers, and I also slid two in of the lady. we placed my tongue back on her clitoris and moved my very first two hands in to the 2nd knuckle and felt around for her g-spot. I could inform she had been likely to state something else, but with this particular she lost her train of thought, shut her eyes, and threw her mind back. With my fingers inside of her we moved them in a come-hither motion against her g-spot, and with my tongue I licked up and down over her clit. Before lengthy I could feel the woman orgasm building, therefore I licked harder and moved my fingers much more vigorously. He feet on either part of my head she squeezed me tough, lifted her ass off the bed &#8212; and then pulled herself away from me with many giggles. With my hand we tried to rub the outside of her pussy but she squirmed this means and that to get away from me. I moved up beside her and kissed her. I sat there looking into her eyes, my hand moving up and down on her stomach. &quot;I want you inside me,&quot; she said as she seemed at me. In a really calm manner. Not filled with excessive lust, not timid. Just relaxed and confident. This is, to date, nevertheless one of the hottest things a woman can state to me. &quot;I want to be inside you.&quot; Emily monitored the woman fertility, and due to this we had been in a position to skip condoms a good chunk of the time. But regrettably she had been ovulating or about to, so I needed to put it up. She hated them about as much as I did. She didn&#39;t even like to watch me personally put them on. As soon as it had been on I worked my means over the lady. She wrapped her legs around me personally, and I also believed around for her gap. The tip of my dick discovered it, and with a long, sluggish thrust, we inserted about half of my cock inside of the lady. I could feel her squirm and squeeze me personally with her legs. I looked her in the eyes and asked her &quot;Does that feel good?&quot; &quot;Yes. I want more of you.&quot; So I gave her more. Minimal by small we increased the level of size we gave the girl. Before long my entire shaft was buried in her soaked cunt. &quot;Fuck me.&quot; &quot;You want it more difficult?&quot; &quot;Fuck me!&quot; Em usually liked to be railed pretty hard, and I also had been more than happy to give it to the woman the means she liked. None of that shallow thrusting bulshit for the girl. She wanted every bit of me personally as quickly and hard as we could give it to the lady. we would accelerate and slam my lengthy cock all the way into the girl, and she would beg for more. &quot;Fuck me much harder!&quot; So I would. In and out, faster and faster. &quot;Harder.&quot; I&#39;d come down on top of the lady with a loud slap. Smashing her pussy. Just how could information technology take this type of thrashing? &quot;Harder.&quot; &quot;That&#39;s enough out of you,&quot; as I put my hand over her mouth and fucked her into distribution. After a minute or therefore we eliminated my hand and immediately the girl previously stifled moans escaped. She threw the woman fingers around me and held me near. This of program only prompted me to thrust also more desperately into the woman soaked opening. After quite a whilst of this, I had to stop to catch my breathing. Since soon as I did, she wrestled with me, threw me over, and got on top. She seemed me in the eyes while she reached back with her hand to my cock, and put it back in her pussy. No-one has since ridden me personally the means this girl did. Information technology was fucking gorgeous the method she knew exactly how to ride my cock. She had this incredible way of bringing herself up, all the way, therefore just the extremely tip of my cock was still in her, so far up that I thought I was likely to fall out, and then she&#39;d quickly move all the way back down. And information technology had been really apparent that she enjoyed doing this. It was both for my pleasure and for hers. Every time she&#39;d come up she&#39;d look at me, and most of the time whenever she emerged back down she&#39;d close her eyes and throw her head back in pleasure. As we laid there and relaxed, she started by doing this, and eventually picked up the rate. She propped herself up with her fingers placed on my upper body, and dug her fingernails into my shoulders. I allow her screw me since difficult as she dared. But after a few mins of the, with some of my breathing regained, just permitting her bang me wasn&#39;t good enough. I placed my fingers securely at her sides, placed my legs firmly on the bed, and began thrusting up into her as she thrust down into me. We fucked rhythmically, effortlessly this method. The woman eyes had been shut tightly now, biting her lip, moans escaping here and there. we fucked her harder and harder, until ultimately on one of her ups and one of my downs, my cock slipped out of her. Information technology was a great time to reposition. we laid her on her part and positioned myself behind her. we slid my cock back inside of her and picked up where I left down. I slid gradually all the way in, and then almost all of the way out. As we did this she reached down with her hand and simultaneously rubbed the exterior of her pussy and went her fingers along the edges of my shaft, just briefly touching my balls when I was at the end of my stroke. we fucked her this way for a few mins, and then, cock nonetheless inside of her, pulled her over top of me personally. So I lied on my back and she lied on top of me personally face up. we wrapped my arms around her human body and pulled her close to me as I proceeded to go my hard dick in and out of her. She liked this. It had been a new place for both of us, nevertheless the combination of closeness and pleasure made it a genuine winner. One thing about the angle must have worked for her, because as we thrust in and out of her I could feel in her body, and in her pussy, that an orgasm had been building. Like we said before, she had incredible orgasms. This was just one aspect of them. we could feel them coming a while before they got there. She had come on command a few times before, but as opposed to telling her to come, we did the opposite. &quot;Are you going to come for me?&quot; &quot;Yeah.&quot; &quot;Don&#39;t you fucking dare. You don&#39;t come until I tell one to come.&quot; I didn&#39;t recognize this was feasible however. She didn&#39;t. I thought she was likely to do it and then I would spank her for it and then bang her hard, but merely informing her not to worked. we had been not very near yet, but we wanted to see if I could hold her down until I got here, so we could do information technology together. And I wasn&#39;t about to get effortless on the woman &#8212; no method. I was going to bang the woman as tough as I needed to. I pulled out of her and flipped her over onto her knees. I slid my dick back into her and resumed thrusting deep into her. I could still feel that she had been close to the advantage. &quot;Don&#39;t you dare fucking come. You&#39;re not allowed.&quot; we grabbed her arms by the wrists and pulled her back into me personally. The woman top half was not coming in contact with anything, not the bed, not the wall &#8212; she was simply suspended there, being penetrated by my long cock, fucked hard, and riding on the edge of orgasm. I fucked her this way for a number of minutes before releasing her hands suddenly. She dropped to the bed in a heap but we continued fucking the lady all the whilst. She propped herself back up on to her hands and then we could hear a knocking noise. Information technology was her mind on the wall. I attempted to pull her back a small bit, while continuing to pump into her, but she didn&#39;t even seem to care. He mind was repeatedly striking the wall every time I slammed into the lady, but she was therefore lost that I don&#39;t understand if she also noticed. I didn&#39;t wish to give the poor girl mind damage, therefore ultimately I slowed down and pulled her away from the wall. we love keeping my cock inside of a pussy while I reposition. we pulled her into me, and at the same time forced her down onto the bed. She had been now laying flat on her belly, me on top of her. I wrapped my hands around her and begun once again thrusting into her. I fucked as hard as I could. we could nonetheless feel the tenseness in her human body. She was nevertheless right there on the side. &quot;I want to come!&quot; &quot;Don&#39;t you fucking dare.&quot; &quot;Make me come.&quot; &quot;No.&quot; I fucked her relentlessly. My human body coming down on top of her gorgeous ass with a clap, maybe hitting the back of her pussy on my longest strokes. &quot;Mmmmmmm fuck me much harder.&quot; So we did. &quot;Harder.&quot; &quot;Shut up.&quot; I reached my hand around and choked her hard enough that she couldn&#39;t state anything more. My cock was moving in and out of the woman therefore quickly, therefore difficult. I could still feel the lady on the side, and lastly I could feel that &quot;I&#39;m going to come&quot; feeling in my cock. we fucked her difficult and fast. We were on the home stretch today. In and out. Harder and harder. &quot;Come for me baby,&quot; we told the lady. And in an immediate she had one of the most amazing orgasms I&#39;ve ever believed. Terms cannot accurately describe it &#8212; but I&#39;ll try. A long, low &quot;Ohhhh&quot; noise escaped from her, and her entire body went limp. Her pussy was contracting around my shaft but information technology was like the rest of the woman body had provided off. I fucked the woman tough and fast through it, and about ten seconds later on I arrived myself. I kept pumping away until every final bit of my seed had emptied out of my balls. I thrusted slower and slower, until I ultimately stopped. I laid here, on top of her, for about 30 seconds, regaining my breath and my composure. we then moved my right hand down and started to pull myself out of the woman to remove the condom and toss it away, but as quickly as she believed me personally starting to pull away, she just stated &quot;No.&quot; So I laid back down. We laid here for several mins, my shrinking cock nevertheless inside of her, the warmth of my cum obvious to both of united states, in post-orgasmic bliss. &quot;Well, you&#39;ve had sex in your bed now.&quot; Feedback, especially from females, appreciated. howareyousogood <br>

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