Therefore final week was my birthday celebration and a whole bunch of us had determined to go out, we had met this girl a few days beforehand (let us call the lady Haley) and she was really sweet, was very good buddies with one of my best friends blonde, about 5 " 10, C cups and a pretty wonderful ass. we had invited to get away with not sure whether she had been likely to come but sure enough that evening she showed up. we initially thought whenever meeting the girl that she was simply this very friendly girl but soon noticed what was going to happen. We went out with a big group of buddies and began drinking, halfway through the evening Haley recommends we go to a strip club and loads of the girls in the team began edging us on. Being in a pretty buzzed state at this point I indulged and we went, the girls at the club were pretty hot, all of them had nice jugs and a nice ass and before I know I notice Haley buying me personally a lap dance, I was really never actually the strip club kind of guy but was just like whatever I'm not paying for it therefore might as well. After a while I emerged up and Haley came up to me and asked me how it was with a smirk on the woman face understanding this made me kind of uncomfortable. To tease her I just said information technology had been okay and this kind of got her annoyed in a playful way. After a while we decide to leave and go right back to my destination, we had been all pretty drunk and me and Haley had been chatting all evening and at one point she just goes "why was it just okay, I picked the hottest woman in the club just for you" and at this point I knew it was time for you to make move and simply replied with "well.. you didn't pick the hottest girl in the club and seemed back at her and checked her out while doing so, at this point she knew just what I desired and I also just made my move and kissed her. She took it surprisingly well and kissed me right back rather passionately and I also had been quick to say "we should possibly get out of here" she agreed. we took her into my room where I immediately began kissing her and feeling her up, she had been wearing this tank top that made her breasts just stick away and before she knew it I just had my face hidden in them. At this point she pushes me away and makes me stay in the bed. I was rather puzzled but she was quick to say " I'm going to make certain you have actually a great lapdance on your birthday. Therefore she starts gradually undressing and dancing in front me and at this point I was simply stone solid. She sits on top me and takes down her tank top and I unclipp her bra, she grabs my face and sticks it in between her breasts and begins shaking her human body. we quickly say fuck it and start using down her shorts and thong and grab her and throw her on to the bed, I begin kissing her and playing with her breasts and start working my means down. we begin by eating her off and making sure she cums before I also start just what I actually wish to do, I today notice all her juices beginning to flow into my face and stand up and inform her "Now its your turn" and she starts to blow me from the bed. I start moaning and I'm in a location of utter pleasure and at this moment I decide that its lastly time, I turn her around and get her into doggy design place showing her amazing ass and start pounding her, at this point she lets me to just what I want cleverly using the "birthday card" and start pounding her actually fast and slapping her ass, after a few mins I decide I want a change and begin slowing down. we change positions and lay down while she's on top of me personally and allow the girl do the work. This was most likely one of the best feelings of my life being in a drunk horny state and having a hot woman I could do whatever I want with. Nevertheless all great things must come to an end and after a few more mins I tell her I'm about to come, I pull out and simply finish all over her face and we both just lay there in satisfaction. We cuddled for a bit and then went to bed, There's much more but I'll see exactly what men and women believe of the because it is my very first time posting here. This type of thing normally doesn't occur to me personally so we just wanted to share it. DRETEL [comment]

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