<br>This is a true tale. Absolutely real and precisely exactly how I remember it. It&#39;s the very first of a group of experiences I had as I left my first spouse, clear up until I discovered my second, and current wife. I got divorced in January of &#39;01. I&#39;d been separated for a few months before that, and hadn&#39;t been out and about much. we was simply a bit out of touch with material, you know? It&#39;d been five years. Being that she took quite a bit of my money willingly, I thought she was owed it I finished up having to move into my friend&#39;s basement for a while. Mike had been a hell of a guy. He had 3 adult children and a beautiful home just outside of Milwaukee. His cellar was set up as an Apartment courtesy of his oldest son who&#39;d just moved away. we had been on a night shift, Mike was resigned. He had been very cool about when I had to get up and head down to work, and never ever had the slightest problem when we&#39;d can be found in at 3AM. Half of the time, he&#39;d nevertheless be awake. One mid-day I got up for work, same as typical and examined my answering machine, to discover off that my ex had called me and wanted to ask me something about wellness insurance coverage. Place me into a funk immediately. we went off to work, nevertheless the problems I nonetheless had with the ex arrived bubbling up and I also couldn&#39;t concentrate. I called my supervisor and told him we was going to go house. Mike&#39;s car was at the driveway, not the garage&#8230;that was strange. we went into the home and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. we cracked it start and heard noises coming from the living room. Not sure exactly what I had been hearing, we cracked the swinging home open slightly. On the big TV I saw a porno playing. It took me personally a 2nd or two to realize information technology had been two men likely to town. Mike had been sitting on the couch, bare naked, cock in hand stroking furiously. we blushed and went right back into the kitchen area. we had no idea Mike was gay. None. He had been, in fact, one of the many manly men I&#39;d ever came across. But then, I&#39;d heard that some men decided on a gay way of life later on in life. One thing about the scene simply didn&#39;t equal out though..I had to take another look. we forced the home open slightly, saw the TV again and then, pressing a bit more, saw Mike staring at me, not losing a pump. The door shut again, and I went down the back stairway to the cellar. About five moments later, there had been a knock on the door. I started it and Mike came in, putting on a tanktop and shorts. &quot;Can we speak?&quot; &quot;Sure dude.&quot; we smiled. He smiled back, sheepishly, &quot;I&#39;m sorry about that, I didn&#39;t expect you back so quickly..&quot; &quot;Dude, it&#39;s your house&#8230;I&#39;m sorry for simply busting in on you in your personal time&#8230;I just heard noises and was fascinated. I&#39;m seriously sorry.&quot; He smiled once again, &quot;It&#39;s no biggie on my side, I&#39;m around nude guys all the time&#8230;It&#39;s a bit of a bad thing for you though&#8230;I don&#39;t want you bugged off or anything&#8230;&quot; I grinned right back at him, &quot;No, seriously, I&#39;m perfectly OK with it&#8230;I just didn&#39;t recognize you had been gay&#8230;&quot; He laughed then, &quot;No, I&#39;m not gay. I&#39;m bi. Been bi my whole life.&quot; &quot;You know, I constantly kind of wondered about being bi. we did some experimenting in university whenever we had been younger, but never thought about it after we got hitched.&quot; we laughed. &quot;That&#39;s most likely a copout hey?&quot; He smiled at me. &quot;It doesn&#39;t have to be. Ever thought about getting back into the practice?&quot; To be honest, I&#39;d been concentrating on it since I&#39;d seen his cock in his hand. Exactly how he&#39;d slipped his hand over the top of his glistening knob. It was definitely erotic. &quot;we don&#39;t know, it&#39;s just one of those things man, experiment and that sort of thing.&quot; He reached down and took down his tanktop. He wasn&#39;t perfectly built, but he was certainly in form. &quot;I&#39;ll tell you what, let&#39;s play a little and see what occurs. I&#39;ll stop when you ask me to stop.&quot; I viewed as he slid his shorts down, exposing his now-hardening cock again. Information technology had been gorgeous. The kind of cock you wish to view in a porno. He applied it lightly and requested me personally, &quot;Can you strip? It&#39;ll be easier that way.&quot; At very first, I wasn&#39;t sure if I was likely to. we was still nervous&#8230;but as we was thinking about just how nervous I was, we understood I was naked. The human body desires, so to talk. He smiled at me, leaned forward and kissed my left nipple. we held his head against me personally as he trailed down my chest, licking and kissing my chest as he finally reached my groin and my painfully erect cock. He enveloped it with his lips, going all the means down to my balls in one stroke. To phone him an expert will be to give him far too small credit. He worked me with his lips, tongue and teeth so perfectly it had been all we could do to keep my brain attached to my body. When I thought I&#39;d get near, he would know and right back off, changing his tactic. He edged me at minimum a dozen times, working my 6.5&quot; manhood like he had been born to. Lastly, he backed off totally. we had been throbbing, just moments from my orgasm. He stood in front side of me and said, &quot;OK, your turn.&quot; I looked at him then and said, &quot;I haven&#39;t done this in like ten years&#8230;and then just a few times, I&#39;m probably terrible at information technology.&quot; His grin was devilish&#8230;&quot;then training.&quot; Kneeling, I seemed at his throbbing, swollen prick. It wasn&#39;t huge, but it was bigger than mine, and perfect. My fast estimate thought information technology about 7.25&quot; and thick&#8230;again, not huge, simply extremely well-built. I started my lips and took him inside. we tasted a bit of lubricant and a bit of precum. Trying to remember how we&#39;d done information technology in the past as well as how he&#39;d done me, I started to work. The ridge under his shaft twitched with his respiration as I ran my tongue over it, moving back and forth. My mouth fluttered right back and forth over his mind following with the fluttering of my tongue underneath and to the edges. I could just fit about 4-5 inches in my lips at a time, so I did my best to work on that component. Several mins passed as my jaw started to become sore. we didn&#39;t let up however, and continued my pattern. My hands went from trimmed base of his shaft and balls around to his sides. He said then, &quot;OK, why don&#39;t you bang me man&#8230;we&#39;m seriously wanting information technology.&quot; I stood up and he kissed me profoundly, then spun around and leaned against a futon here. &quot;There&#39;s some lube in my shorts pocket. I&#39;m ready for information technology, so just lube us up and be calm when you begin, OK? we had a plug in while I was jacking off upstairs.&quot; This was new. I&#39;d never ever fucked a guy before, and searching down at his hairy break had been also really new. I drizzled some lube down his crack over his still-shiny opening. As the cool lube hit the ring, it pulsed. I liberally greased up my very own member and pointed it towards the waiting for hole. Pushing forward, we believed the temperature of his insides as my tip moved him. Which was evidently too sluggish. He pressed right back against me and I also believed him open to take me inside. In one single calm push, I had been all the method inside him. At his urging, I began to go my cock back and forth into him. we began a sluggish, easy pace back and forth when I heard the back door to the home available and heard, &quot;Mike, where you at man?&quot; I quickly pulled away. Mike backed up, grabbing my hip behind him and re-burying me balls deep in his rectum. &quot;I&#39;m down here Adam, come on down.&quot; Adam was the guy across the street. Met him at minimum half a dozen times. Hitched, four kids, dog, all the standards. A bit chubby, a bit balding, but a sweet man. we heard him coming down the stairs as Mike pushed against me difficult, holding me inside him. Adam arrived in the doorway in a set of loose track pants and t-shirt. He seemed at me personally, then at Mike, then at me once again. &quot;So where do we fit in?&quot; He stated, untying his jeans. Mike switched to look at him, &quot;Well, my dick&#39;s not doing anything right now, exactly what do you wish to do?&quot; Adam shucked down his jeans and kneeled in front of Mike, between the futon and his groin. I could feel his hand achieve between where we had been as we started my in-and-out motion again. we had been really getting a bit near when Adam stood up and ran to the bathroom. I saw his cock only briefly. About 7&quot; long and average depth, by my view. The thrumming in my balls became more obvious. we knew I wouldn&#39;t be in a position to hang in there very very long when Adam came back out and stood next to united states. He place his hand on my hip and kept rate with my movements. Lastly, he relocated around behind me personally, permitting his cock to fill in between my asscheeks. In retrospect, I ought to have understood exactly what had been coming. I didn&#39;t believe he&#39;d actually do it, but as he began pumping his cock near my opening, I started letting him. I&#39;d never ever done this before. I didn&#39;t recognize if I COULD do this. Achieving down, he grabbed the bottle of lube, and rather than doing what I&#39;d done, he took a handful and rubbed in in my break. I stopped my motion as he lubed himself, lined up and began to push in. It hurt. More than we thought information technology would. But as I exposed for his pushing movement, we believed a warmth begin building. He pushed in, further and further until we thought the head &quot;pop&quot; into my sphincter. we gasped then and believed my cock twitch inside Mike&#39;s rectum. Mike twitched himself. A brief back-and-forth movement pushed him gradually in further and further, experiencing him fill me up further and further. Whenever we thought that he had to be all the way in, he emerged in additional. After what seemed like forever, his hips strike my cheeks. I pressed right back into him then. This was the straw, of program. He withdrew and started a pumping action, in and out. I couldn&#39;t take it. Only about four pumps in, I began spewing my seed inside Mike&#39;s guts. Mike must have thought this, because I felt his prostate start to pulse against my cock. He moaned and I knew, I simply knew he had been cumming. Adam heard both of us and started thrusting even harder. As my orgasm began to diminish inside of Mike, I believed Adam begin an uneven rate, and his sides planted against my ass as he throbbed and spewed into my own insides. Mike turned to look at me, &quot;How&#39;s that for some training?&quot; There had been a great deal more to come. nottiest <br>

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