<br>My gf Talia, the one from my previous story, was pretty available and free spirited whenever it arrived to sex. She was extremely a lot an exhibitionist whom enjoyed the danger and allure of sex outside the bed room. The concept of fucking just a couple of dozen feet from a naive third celebration was a major change on for her and in addition for me. We started off in the car. We&#39;d park at the grocery store or her apartment&#39;s parking garage or where ever we happened to be going and she&#39;d lean over and squeeze my groin. That&#39;s when I knew to just stay back and act normal while she buried the woman face in my lap. She liked when I whispered to her descriptions of men and women walking by. What they seemed like, just how far away, did they make eye contact with me, those types of things. Often they&#39;d get too close and she would pretend to be napping on me as I pet her head. Once the person had passed I&#39;d shove Talia&#39;s head back down on my cock. Cumming down the throat of a beautiful girl as you viewed a complete stranger passby holding their food or college publications was absolutely exhilarating. We got bolder. We&#39;d sneak off to the pool on the roof of the woman apartment complex late at evening when it was closed. I&#39;d lounge in a deck seat looking up at the stars as she blew me. Sometimes I&#39;d bend her throughout the railing and we&#39;d appearance out throughout the town, at all the small empire ants scurrying below, as I fucked her from behind with my hands up her shirt to tease her nipples. One day we also hiked to the top of the tallest nearby peak, and she sucked me off under a shade tree before we fingered her and ate her out on a blanket we had brought. A family appeared just moments after Talia had scrambled right back into her activities bra and yoga pants. Pressing the danger to the limitation and the adrenaline rush it inspired enhanced the waves of pleasure that came with the orgasm. One night we visited her in the campus museum where she worked cataloging artifacts. I wasn&#39;t supposed to be in here, but I simply waited for an evening pupil to start the door and &quot;slipped in to grab my publications I had remaining.&quot; Once in, I knew where the Arch. Labs were and found Talia in the just one still lit. I instantly began massaging and kissing Talia, seeking to break the woman focus. Not long after we were in the dark corridor between her lab suite as well as the emergency exit. She licked and sucked my cock until information technology was stiffly pointing up and out, like Base Ruth calling a homerun. Then, we picked her up onto her legs so that at five foot and nothing, the top of her mind was upper body level for me, and hoisted her into the air. She lifted her gown so that I could slide into her, panties present but eschew. With her back against the wall we fucked her as stealthily as we could. we arrived inside Talia, covering her mouth with my hand so she could moan into it and bite down on my palm. She was always noisy, also at her moms and dads&#39; house for holidays information technology will be as much as me to stifle her and she seemed to take pleasure in the thrill. Talia&#39;s roommate had been not rather so adventurous. She was a quiet Asian, nearly Talia&#39;s antithesis physically and in terms of personality. Where Talia was short, green eyed, hourglass curvy, had long auburn hair, and a freckled complexion; Elle was tall for a Korean woman 5&#39;7/8ish”, dark eyed, slim, had short black colored hair, bespectacled, along with her skin was an unmarked immaculate white. Talia wore her heart on her sleeve and honestly chosen no sleeves, while Elle was really conservative, private and bashful. She spent plenty of time viewing Korean dramas from her desktop with her headphones on while her boyfriend, also Korean, played Gears of War in the living space. He didn&#39;t say much besides screaming profanities when his teammates fucked up. we rarely saw him, but Elle hung around with Talia and I also quite often. I never saw her in an intimate light, despite the reality she was extremely adorable, until one day whenever we got home from this burrito place that made sub-sandwich length burrittos. Talia had been seeking to hold all of hers up and fit it in her lips while Elle watched. Elle suddenly blurted out to me personally, &quot;your penis must feel therefore huge in the woman tiny hands and lips.&quot; we was no footlong burrito, but yes, 7 inches looked mighty large in Talia&#39;s hands. Talia got defensive and pointed out that Elle&#39;s fingers weren&#39;t a lot bigger nor the woman mouth, then understood the picture she had simply placed in everyone&#39;s mind. I was uncontrollably difficult and awkwardly attempting to believe of one thing cool or funny to say to cut the stress. Talia and Elle just laughed as they compared hand sizes. Elle began starting up to Elle about the woman sexuality a lot more after that. I understand they had fooled around together drunkenly after Elle broke things off with the boyfriend, which I was fine with. we told her girls were okay so long as she told me the tale and she had the exact same deal with me and guys though I never pursued that. I ultimately had a key to their apartment since I crashed there therefore much, and Elle didn&#39;t mind me coming more than. Talia would be working late at the museum and I&#39;d come over after class to wait for the lady. One evening however I emerged in to hear the bath running and peaceful gasps. we didn&#39;t want to disturb Elle, so I simply sat in the living space reading an article from a technology log for course. Elle came out wrapped in a towel and keeping a long blue cylinder. I didn&#39;t get a good appearance at it, because she tucked it behind her instantly, but I&#39;m pretty certain I knew just what it was. Ashamed, she hurried to the bedroom to get dressed. She arrived right back in a couple of moments later, half hiding behind the doorway. &quot;Did you&#8230;did you hear me?&quot; she requested. we apologized for surprising her, ignoring the question I neither desired to lie for nor respond to truthfully. She sat down next to me and explained one thing we currently knew from Talia&#39;s input: that Elle had never came during sex, that it frustrated her and that she had to conceal her unfulfilled urges from her boyfriend or he&#39;d get angry and insecure. I told the lady it had been no problem, and that it&#39;s a normal and healthy thing to do as far as we had been worried. Elle actually smiled and thanked me for listening, which we took to mean to her description which seemed therefore unneeded anyhow, but later I thought maybe she meant for listening to her in the bath. we arrived over around the same time every weekday therefore she must have known I might be there&#8230; Talia got home later on, we told her what transpired, and I also knew immediately it was a blunder because she smiled that impish grin she had given me therefore numerous times before. &quot;Let&#39;s have our fun at home this time,&quot; she advised with false innocence. Talia waited until Elle went into the bathroom, which had been straight across from the bedroom and had a clear view of Talia&#39;s bed from the doorway. Talia stood me personally up, undid my jeans, and pulled them straight down to my ankles. I had been whispering to her, &quot;should we be carrying this out today? With Elle house, and RIGHT over there? She could come off at any minute!&quot; She just responded that Elle liked to watch and that they had talked about this a couple drunken evenings ago. She stated we could stop if we had been uncomfortable. we was, but I also didn&#39;t want to stop. Talia went to town on me, her hair swinging ahead and right back, whipping against my bare thighs. She was moaning and slurping louder than typical, for Elle I&#39;m sure. She would draw me from balls to tip, freeing the woman mouth with an audible popping sound. I was staring anxiously at the bathroom door at very first, but Talia made me forget quickly enough with the woman globe course fellatio. we hadn&#39;t looked over at the home for some time, lost in ecstasy, and then I noticed the door had been ajar simply a break. we saw Elle, one eye peering out with shoulder rising and falling in some repetitive movement, but pretended I hadn&#39;t noticed her coming in contact with herself to united states. Talia provided 110% work, also for her it was above and beyond the regular service. She sucked in my balls just appropriate as she proceeded to stroke me personally, thumbing my frenulum for maximum enjoyment. Licking up and down the shaft, kissing every inch or therefore until she reached the head, she had been driving both me personally and Elle wild. I could hear those same muffled whimpers from Elle&#39;s shower previous. Talia swirled the woman tongue around the tip permitting saliva and my own lubricants coating the upper half of my cock before she bobbed up and down on my throbbing user. It was various this time with someone viewing, somebody we both knew. Someone we would see once again with that intimate understanding, revealing in our lovemaking. I was prepared to explode. we started the sluggish deep breaths that led to shivering orgasm and Talia allow off of me, pulling her top over her head. As she unfastened her bra she told me, &quot;I want you to cover me in your cum.&quot; She always preferred to swallow to prevent the mess. Then she stuck her tongue out and seemed up at me with her those huge green eyes that could persuade me to do simply about anything. If she desired to give Elle a show, then I could get behind that. I stroked my cock with both hands hard and fast. Elle gasped, then it switched into a quivering stifled whimper. The idea of the woman cumming to us sent me personally throughout the edge. Line after rope of creamy cum shot out and splashed on her upper body, throat, cheeks, tongue, brows, nose, and hair. It had been just everywhere. we had never ever created so much semen in one single load. Talia was stunned. We cleaned up and Talia cuddled as much as me on the bed. Elle arrived in half an hour later as if absolutely nothing had occurred, sat down, chatted with us and viewed some show on her computer. We did this type of thing a few more times, with Elle in the wardrobe or pretending to be asleep. She appeared particularly captivated by Talia&#39;s orgasms. Information technology had been therefore exciting, but never rather as mysterious and dangerous as the very first time. I want we could state it turned into a threesome or that I had a go with Elle, but it just didn&#39;t happen in reality. Talia was a jealous fan for all her free spirited nature, and Elle was far much more interested in looking than pressing. Possibly I will compose one thing in r/sexystories about my dreams one day&#8230; A 12 months or so later on Talia moved out after she graduated and I also never truly saw Elle after that. Elle relocated to France quickly after that, so we only heard from her on social networking from that point on, but I will never ever forget exactly how incredibly hot information technology was to have her watching our sex sessions, understanding she was fingering herself. 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