It's been a whilst since I wrote a tale about Katie and I. I’ve had to start a new account due to my old account being compromised; the final tales inadvertently hurt someone I cared about. However I can repost my old tales on this account if you’re interested. Let’s get started by saying; this might be one of the best friends with benefits circumstances I have ever been in. We just have actually AMAZING sex and are extremely linked on multiple levels. We press each other's limits and are always prepared to try brand new things for one another. Recently we started a bucket list of things we want to do. She stated that she wanted to have an orgasm without sex, and she additionally reported she wanted to have an orgasm by just kissing. I don’t understand if you guys have ever tried this but it is not the easiest feat. She also talked about once she enjoyed denial (being denied orgasm) and as you discovered in my previous story she's into bdsm and submissive by nature. Our week started off pretty rough, we had a couple of talks discussing if we should end this due to different reasons. Valid reasons to a level, however we knew the sex had been too great to simply allow go or end, we knew we had much more ahead. We had a few times speaking hardly any giving each other room. However, on Friday she called me at work and pointed out the possibility of me coming over that evening. we had been ecstatic at the news and knew I desired to make this night memorable, an evening to never ever forget. I came home from work and showered so I can be fresh and clean, and got ready for the night. If you remember from my previous tales, she enjoys composing therefore I sat down and had written the lady a letter. In the later it went like this. Dear Katie, You might not touch me personally down there unless told to-do so You may NOT cum until I state so Failure to abide by these rules will result in punishment Yours Really, Globetrotter25 we folded the letter into a heart and set down to her house, it's been a little less than a week since we had sex, and I knew from our speaks she has been worked up and eager, a couple of evenings before I had her put in her butt plug as she sleeps which made her extremely horny all evening. When we got to her house that night I discovered her sitting on her outside on her verandah. She was in her pj’s with three candles lit. I offered her a lengthy deep passionate kiss, which we believe amazed her with it's intensity. We had almost called it off and I also don't think she knew just what to expect, but whenever I pulled away, I could tell she wanted more, so I waited a moment, enjoying the appearance on her face, and went in for another. After these types of an emotional week it was a much needed kiss, it was enthusiastic, sensuous, raw, really hungry and animalistic. With every kiss she allow out soft and subtle moans and I knew it had been going to be a great evening. we told her it has been a long mental weekend for me personally and I also had written her a letter to let her know how I felt. As she exposed it and read it, we watched her face expression get from afraid just what the letter may state, to a very sexcited and mischievous face. As she seemed back as much as me personally with that nasty laugh I grab the hair on the back of the mind and kissed her again, we made off for a few minutes before I utilized my no-cost hand to cup her remaining breast and place it into my mouth. we teased it at first, making light little circles around her areolas. Then we grazed her nipples before drawing difficult and cupping her whole tit. She allow off another moan. She seemed at me personally and instinctively pushed the woman hands towards my penis on the exterior of my pants. She knew the guidelines for that night and had been testing to see my reaction, so I slapped her across her face, with good force. This made the woman whimper in pleasure. We proceeded making off as we took turns getting her ass and titties and providing her kisses everywhere. We had been both wanting one another intensely and decided to move things in, as it is the center of winter right here and pretty cold. we went in the room initially and stripped straight down on her bed before she emerged in. I laid back on the bed and stroked myself. Looking at the girl, understanding she can’t touch me, we knew she had been beyond turned in. The enjoyable was just beginning. She stripped straight down quickly and joined me in the woman bed. We continued making off, savouring each other’s systems. I wanted to tease her and work her up since much as you possibly can, knowing she would ultimately attempt to touch me again. As soon as she did, we slapped the girl again, difficult. She moaned loudly, and began to come. I grabbed her throat and in a stern voice requested her 'just what had been guideline quantity one?' Whimper. Staring at me, the woman eyes informing me exactly how desperately she wants to be fucked, or also simply touch my cock. “we stated what was guideline quantity one?!” To not touch you unless said so “Just what had been guideline quantity two?” To not cum ”and what if you disobey?” we will be punished As I stated each line she moaned loudly and shivered after every phrase. She loves feeling helpless and I also knew how much she was seeking to follow my rules but how much she wanted to break them. we slapped her two more times before pinning her fingers above her mind and kissing her. The woman moaning was intense and I later on discovered out she arrived from this and the dirty speaking. we kissed down her neck and behind her ears. I worked my method down to her collar bone and provided it small bites. we utilized my feet to pin her legs open, and my hands to hold her hands above her ahead. we proceeded to speak dirty to her in a stern voice and kiss her in between, which was driving her insane. Seeing the woman like this only fuelled how I thought. With my hands pinning hers down and my legs pinning her thighs available I didn’t have anything no-cost to make use of. Nevertheless, I noticed if I leaned forward and stretched my penis it was within reach of the woman mouth. I teased her with it and she kept attempting her best to put it in her lips, every time she nearly had it in her mouth I pulled away simply far enough that she couldn't reach and her frustration was building. Katie wanted it and wanted it bad, it had been like being in a candy store with everything in reach but you can’t have anything. While still pinning her down with my feet and hands, we worked my way down, leaning back today and making use of my penis to rub her pussy and then going back towards her lips to allow her taste it. Katie shivered every time we went my penis along the woman wet lips, wanting information technology so a great deal. Every time, I took it away right as she started to enjoy it. I was excited to finally fuck her and I’m certain she couldn’t wait either. we kept her fingers pinned up and use my knees to spread her thighs start so I had direct access to her pussy. we utilized the mind of my penis and shaft to rub up and down the complete span of her pussy, over and over again, she was dripping wet and my cock was soaked from her juices and my precum. After a few strokes we dipped simply my mind in, she emerged instantly and allow out huge moans while her whole body convulsed. I slowly slid in an inch at a time, then pulled out, I did this over and over, giving her an inch at a time with every new penetration, and then pulling off once again. I was teasing her and she both loved and hated information technology. Lastly, I simply slammed into the woman difficult, balls deeply. Then we started fucking her tough, deeply, fast. After about ten minutes of fucking her difficult at this pace, I continued to do my favourite thing with her, pull out slowly and completely stop. we like to surprise her, to make her delay. Almost enter her, really slowly pull off then slam into her quick and difficult with lots of power. She loves this; she doesn’t know just what to expect if it’s going to be nice and slow or difficult and deep. My cock was entirely soaked so I pulled out and used her juices to damp her asshole. we stuck a finger in and got her ready for just what was coming, then we gradually forced my mind in, her moan completely different from the whole night, it was pure pleasure, pure animalistic, it was hot, I was getting harder, which we didn’t even know was possible. She whimpered “gentle” I slapped her once more and told her “I make the rules not you, you don’t tell me personally exactly what to do” we had been choking her whilst fucking her ass, this might be my brand new favourite, she has become an anal slut and I also love it. If you could hear us fucking and her moaning you would instantly be switched on, guy or girl. At this point -she is lying on her back and I’m fucking her in the ass with her legs over my shoulder. It had been hard and deep. I grabbed her by the hair and told her to look at me while we fuck her, watch me screw her; we held eye contact as I did this. we knew we was likely to cum soon so I kept eye contact and went harder and faster. This is whenever the most amazing thing happened. I viewed as her eyes were rolling to the back of her head, I’ve had my reasonable share of medications in the past and it was as if she have actually taken three pills and was peaking. Her eyes were rolling to the back of the woman mind and every blink was like she was rolling harder and harder. we finally emerged in her ass and she shivered and shook and I held her. I held her for a few mins before she stated her first term… Exactly what did one does to me? “What do you mean?” we didn’t know where we had been for a while “I think you blacked away, your eyes were rolling to the back of your head like you were on e” My entire human body seems calm, we feel really calm. This might be exactly what men must feel like after they cum (laughing). I generally have always been more awake after sex, but appropriate today we could simply go to sleep. “Which was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, I ought to have slapped you or choked you when I saw your eyes rolling right back it would have added to the minute” No which was perfect, which was awesome simply the way it was. We went outside for a cigarette before getting ready for bed. Outside, I told the girl she looked like she was radiant. She stated she seems amazing and like she's 100% much better (she has been ill for a couple of weeks). I honestly believe that was probably single handedly one of the best sexual experiences I’ve had, and I’ve had numerous. Before bed we told her to place her butt plug in therefore she can believe dirty ideas and have wet desires. We both went to bed within mins cuddling. A couple of hours later on I woke up from her moving around and hearing her moaning. we couldn’t figure out what time it was, but if it was my guess, it would have been three or four in the early morning. She had been obviously nevertheless resting so she must have been having a damp dream. we thought I’d include to her experience. I switched her onto her back and spread her feet, and went down on her. Oh the moans are like music to my ear. She was entirely damp and I also kissed my way up her human body to her lips and attempted kissing her, she didn’t kiss back, I thought it was weird but possibly she was to into the moment and to busy moaning. we wrapped my arms around her neck and gently made love to her. we went nice and slow the entire time, using my time and cherishing every minute. we fucked her hard earlier already so I just desired to be gentle and loving. we had been whispering things in the woman ear that now we can’t keep in mind. While fucking her we noticed a couple of things were various, we fucked her enough to understand how her body reacts to particular things, how she kisses me and holds me, whenever I fuck her. After about twenty mins I had been done rolled down and went to sleep. Early another time I had to keep and get home. When she got up she told me she had a phenomenal night and had plenty of dreams about me last evening. we requested her just what the fantasies were about and asked if she remembered having sex in the center of the night. She said no and had no concept just what we was chatting about. Then I went into details on what i said and what I did and she had no idea. This might be when we both discovered that we had rest sex. Sorry this was a long tale and we wish it was really worth it, I honestly have amazing sex with this particular woman and I look ahead to composing more and sharing more. If you want to read my old stories let me know and i'll repost. 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